A list of the Members of
Calvary Church, Brynmawr, Wales
October 3rd 1844.

as transcribed by Judith A. Sylte

  • This information was transcribed by me 26 June 2004 from digital images I took at Calvary (Baptist) Chapel, Brynmawr 21 May 2004.
  • Names designated with an asterisk* were later crossed off for unknown reasons.
  • Names designated with a pound sign # were written in blue rather than black ink, evidently at a later date.
  • Names followed by (?) are not fully legible in my digital image and should be re-checked. Capital L's and S's are especially hard to distinguish from each other.
  • Some spellings are phonetic and nonstandard - e.g., Henreater = Henrietta, Luesea = Louisa, Gorge = George, etc.
  • Roman numerals indicate columns in a 2-page spread.
  • At Column 3 of the fourth leaf, a new list begins which is unidentified and undated. It appears to be a continuation of the 1844 roll, as only five names are duplicated and it is possible that those are other individuals (perhaps in the same family) with the same names.
  • All information should be verified from the original or a cleaner digital image as soon as possible.

    Judith A. Sylte
    (Whidbey Island, WA USA,

    I. [P. 1]

    Thomas Roberts, Minister

    Daniel Rees

    Thomas Powell

    Ezekiel Jones

    Thomas Davies

    Samuel Ellkin

    Ann Roberts

    Ann Powell

    Mary Rees

    Rachel Jones *

    Hannah Watkins

    Mary Davies *

    Sarah Morgan

    Thomas Morgan

    John Rees

    Mary Evans

    Luesea Newman *

    Richard Price *

    Prisscilla Yersbury

    Hannah Jones *

    William Smith *

    Susanna Smith *

    Ann Watkins *

    Sarah Davies *

    George Wheeller

    Maria Wheeller

    Mary Scamel

    Elizabeth Price

    William Greatwood *

    Frederick Jones *


    Henreater Wiks

    Gorge Labbury *

    Thomas Edwards

    Samuel Yersbury *

    Margret Williams *

    John Davies

    Bridget Morgan

    Ann Rees *

    Hannah Sharples

    Richard Sharples

    John Archer *

    Henry Lees (?)

    Mary Edwards

    Thos Hope

    Henry Davies *

    Elisa Hurl

    Elisa Newman

    Elisa Glover *

    Maryann Newman *

    Thomas King *

    Margret Evans

    Mary King *

    Henry Morgan *

    Mary Morgan *

    Thomas Hill

    Hariet Hill

    Elizabeth Bowen *

    Thomas Jones *

    Ann Jones *

    III. [P. 2]

    John Tucker

    Emma Mason *

    Robert Grigory

    John Lambieter

    William Powell

    Margaret Atheral

    Charles Ratford

    John Howels *

    Josiah Presslee *

    Elisa Tucker

    Philip Edwards *

    Thomas Drewel *

    Stephen Hurl *

    Philip Price

    Samuel Abbott

    David Davies *

    Ann Price

    Hariet Jonson*

    Evan Painsey * (?)

    Elender Jones

    Jane Gorge *

    Joseph White

    William Jones *

    James Storey *

    Margret Jones *

    Thomas Watkins *

    Watkin Price *

    David Evans

    John Shore *

    Maria Davies *

    Ann Ellkin

    Thomas Rees *


    Hariet Powell *

    Richard Meredith *

    Jane Meredith *

    Thomas Jones

    William Selly *

    Maria Selly *

    Reachel Pugh

    Susana Brown *

    John Williams

    John Howels *

    Mary Williams

    James Powles *

    Josiah Pickles *

    Sarah Thomas

    Henry Thomson *

    Charles Morgan *

    Susana Morgan *

    William Woodford

    Rachel Woodford

    John Shore

    Jemima Powell

    Edward James

    Mary Davies *

    Margret Davies

    Sarah Edwards

    Ann Greay #

    William James #

    Mary Williams #

    Rachel Davies #

    Margret Williams #

    Sarah Price #

    C____ S___ (?) #

    I. [P. 3]

    Thomas Clark #

    Ann Griffith #

    Evan Evans #

    Thomas Brown #

    William Jones #

    David Thomas #

    William Lloyd #

    Sarah Williams #

    II. [P. 3]


    [A 5-line list in different ink, well down the page, which appears to be an afterthought.]

    Jane Davies Jno Price

    [blank] Castry [blank] Hill

    Robert Mason John

    Hannah Churchell

    Mrs. _____ (?)

    III. [P. 4]

    [A different list begins, with no identifying title.]

    Evan Meredith

    Richard Ingram *

    Evan Meredith *

    Lewis Meredith *

    Thomas Owens *

    Sophia Jones

    Hannah Lewis

    Mary Owens

    James John

    Elizabeth Ingram

    William Rogers *

    William Greatwood

    Eliza Thomas

    Erasmus Price *

    Mary Gamble *

    Maryann Hill

    Izabella Hill

    Edwin Hatwood

    Caroline Hatwood

    Thomas Lloyd *

    Thomas Barnet *

    Richard Rees *

    Benjamin Davies *

    Edward Edwards

    Thomas Powell *

    Sarah Powell *

    Mary Griffith *

    Hannah Powell

    William Berrington

    William Pope *

    Mary Tiffins * (?)

    Thos. James

    Mary James



    Elizabeth Lees

    Prisilla Brown

    George Pritchard

    Eleanor Jones

    Thomas Bowen

    Jemima Bowen

    Henry Gittus

    James Jones

    Ann Edwards

    Eleanor George *

    John Parram *

    William Powell

    Mary Thomas

    William Edmund

    Ann Jenkins *

    George Walker

    Edward Jones *

    Elizabeth Jones *

    Elisia Jones *

    Jacob Wyke

    Mrs. Wyke

    Mary Evans

    Thomas Moss

    William Smith *

    Reachel Smith *

    David Owen

    Alice Mason

    Benjamin White

    Edward Nemlo

    Mary Nemlo



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