Calvary Chapel, Brynmawr, Wales

Baptisms 1848-1872

as transcribed by Judith A. Sylte

  • This information was transcribed by me 28 June 2004 from digital images I took at Calvary (Baptist) Chapel, Brynmawr 21 May 2004.
  • The original document is not formatted in columns. I have done it here for clarity.
  • Words followed by ___ and/or (?) are not fully legible in my digital image and should be re-checked.
  • Some spellings are phonetic and nonstandard, e.g. Lewezer = Louisa.
  • All information should be verified from the original or a cleaner digital image as soon as possible.

    Judith A. Sylte (Whidbey Island, WA USA,

    A Note from Judith about the records:

    My transcription begins from an image of the lower half of a page, the first date for which is 8 Jan 1848. My separate photo of the top half of that page was ruined, so this transcription is missing data for 1842-1848 which the original church book has.



    Janury 8th

    Willyani James …. [remainder cut off in my image]


    May 1st

    Thomas Clark & Ann Griffiths Rec’d 8th


    July 23rd

    Thomas Brown & Evan Evans Baptized Rec’d 30th


    Octor 8th

    William Jones & David Thomas Baptized Rec’d 22nd



    Sarah Williams Baptized May 5th Rec’d 12th


    Augst 19th

    Baptized Robert Williams, Henry Hughes, & William Price. Rec’d in the church 26th


    Sepr 9th

    Baptized James Powell, Samuel Thomas, Evan Evans, William Roberts, John Price butcher, John Judd, William Clark, Elias Pugh, Francis James, John Hitchings, Charlotte Cleark, Susan Judd, Emma Evans, Ann Fox, Ann Landrey, Elizabeth Williams, Lewezer Roberts, Ann Roberts, Ann Morris, Jane Wall, John Price, James Price Watkins, George Pritchard, Thomas Davies, Mary Evans, Ann James. Received in the church September 23rd.


    Sepr 16th

    Alice Alen, Jennet Morgan, Ann Morgan, Mary Thomas, John Atheral, James Taylor, Thomas Meredith, William Davies, George Hurl, James Ambrey, Henry Goodwin, Wm Powell, John Jones, Alfred Smith, Thomas Jones, William Thomas. Rec’d in the church Sepr 23rd.


    Octor 14th

    Baptized William Nichols, John Watkins, Joseph Love, Rachel Cartwrite, Thomas Sam, Mary Sam, Richard Ingram, Evan Meredith, Recevd in the Church the 21st.


    Novbr 4th

    Baptized Lewis Meredith, Thomas Owens, Sophia Jones. Rec’d the 18th in the Church.



    Hannah Lewis Rec’d, Baptized at Tabor


    Jany 6th

    Erasmus Price, Mary Gamble, Maryann Hill, Isabella Hill, Edwin Hatwood, Caroline Hatwood, Thos Lloyd, Thos Barnet, Richard Rees, Bnjn Davies, Rec’d the 13th


    April 1st

    Hannah Powell, William Berrington Rec’d 7th


    May 19th

    Mary Tippins, William Pope, Rec’d June 2nd


    July 21st

    Elizabeth Sees Baptized, Rec’d 28th


    Novbr 10th

    Thomas Bowen & Jemima Bowen



    Henry Gittus, James Jones Rec’d 17th


    Janury 5th

    Ann Edward Rec’d the 12th


    August 16th

    Ann Jenkins & George Walker Rec’d 13th


    Novembr 9th

    Mary Evans Baptized Rec’d 15th


    October 29th

    Robert Mason, John Powell, Hannah Churchel, Mary Griffith Rec’d Nov 14th


    March 20th

    Elizabeth Atheral Baptized Rec’d 27th


    November 28th

    Mary Rowlands Baptized Rec’d Decbr 4th


    Janury 29th

    William Evans Baptized & Rec’d in the church


    May 14th

    Thomas Mund Rec’d 21st and Ann Judd


    Septembr 10th

    William Gibbs Baptized & Rec’d


    December 31st

    Ann Mund & Izabella Jenkins & Received


    Decembr 31st

    Elizabeth Sanswell, Frances Phillips, Elizabeth Meredith


    March 16th

    William Haywood, Rec’d the 27th in the Church


    April 13th

    Ruth (?) Davies Rec’d the 20th


    June 15th

    Deborah Judd, Jane Evans Baptized & Received


    August 9th

    James Anderson Baptized & Received


    Sepbr 7th

    James Sanswell, Thomas Edwards, and Elisabeth Edwards Baptized & Rec’d


    March 8th

    Mary Judd, Elisabeth Evans, Maryann Davies, Baptized Received the 22nd


    Feby 21st

    Elisabeth Powell & Received


    July 4th

    Baptized Ann Baker, George Haywood, John Scamell, Charles Morgan, John Judd, John Evans, Milo Ambrey, Abraham Davies, William Michael, Received in the Church July 11th


    September 5th

    Elizabeth Vaughan, Esther Vaughan, Turzia Roberts, Jane Prosser Rec’d in


    October 27th

    Naomy Murphy & John Syddon Rec’d Nov 1st


    January 15th

    George Thomas & Hannah Evans Rec’d 23rd


    March 13th

    James Edmunds Rec’d the 20th


    May 15th

    Baptized & Received in the Church Josiah Hughes, Joseph Tucker, David Lewis, Henry Smith, George Smith, Maria Prichard, Ann Williams, Elianor Trantor


    July 10

    Emma Brown, John Brown, Maria Hurl, George Jones, John Stephens, Margaret Griffith,


    July 10

    Eliza Benjemin Baptized and retained (?) her place as a member with the independants.


    October 1st

    Maryann Pugh Baptized & Received


    Do 30th

    Elisia Benjemin became a Member


    Novembr 20th

    Baptized Elithea Powles & Sarah Hughes


    Do 27th

    Receivd in the Church


    March 11th

    Charles Jones & Mary Palmer Rec’d 18th


    August 19th

    Wm Davies, James Williams and Sarah Williams Baptized Receivd in the church Septemb 2nd


    Novbr 18th

    Elisa Smith, Ann Williams, Ann Patten and Martha Batten. Received in the Church 25th.


    January 20th

    Henry Morgan, James Powell, and William Williams Baptized and Receivd in Church


    September 29th

    Hannah Thomas & Frances Williams Rec’d


    January 12th

    Sarah Carter, Mary Lambert, Emmaly Syddon, Sarah Brown, Anesia (?) Ball, Thomas Jarman Rec’d in the Church the 19th


    Febuary 9th

    Wm Edmunds, Maryann Edmund, Charles Williams, John Gibs, Benjemin Griffith, Mary Jones, Sarah Jane Morris, Maryann Jones, Elisa Gittus, Receivd in the Church the 16th.


    March 4th

    Mrs. Ann White, Do 8th. Sarah Powles, Anna Walters, Ann Jones, Mary Powell,


    Do 16th

    Amelia Wilcox, Susannah Rees, 7 Receivd March 16.


    June 1st

    Isaac Denman, William Gunter and Henry Cullen and Receivd in the Church.


    October 26th

    John James, David Evans, Llewellyn Davies.


    Febuary 15th

    Baptized Thomas Pain & Lueser Davies & Receivd


    April 26th

    Philipi Pain Receivd in the Church May 10th


    Novbr 2nd

    Charles Tilly (?) Receivd November 22nd


    May 29th

    William Parry Baptized & Receivd


    Febuary 12th

    Catharine June Lewis, Elizabeth J. Jeremiah, and James Powell Baptized Receivd in the Church the 19th.


    April 25th

    Elisabeth Mathews, Elisabeth Rogers, Jane White, Jane Rogers, Elisabeth Davies, Receivd in the Church June 6th


    November 17th

    Elizabeth Powell Baptized & Received in


    March 11th

    Baptized George Hanks and [blank] Davies and Receivd


    July 1st

    Gwenillian Perrat Baptized & Receivd in the Church


    January 13th

    Harriet Judd & Elizabeth Smith Baptized & Receivd


    May 5th

    Margaret Ann Davies Baptized & Received in the Church


    June 3rd

    James Evans Baptized & Receivd


    August 25th

    William Maurice Baptized & Receivd


    Decemb 15th

    Baptized & Receivd John Davies, Mary Davies, Thomas Richards, Mark Ball, Ann Davies and Sarah Morgan


    March 8th

    Sarah Jones, Celina Jones, and James Williams


    Septembr 20th

    Elizabeth Watkins Baptized & Receivd


    April 4th

    Elizabeth Powell Receivd in the Church


    July 18th

    Isaac Morgan, Hannah Morgan, James Keiling, Sarah Jane Jones, Mary Davies Bapt & Rec’d


    June 27th

    Thomas Jones Baptized & Receivd


    October 16th

    William Cook and James Bowhat Bap & Rec’d


    November 13th

    Elizabeth Bowen


    Do Do

    Gwenilla Price & Mary Corner Bap & Rec’d


    Jan 8 / 71

    Elizabeth Grigory, Elizabeth Evans and William James Baptize & Receivd


    March 5th

    William Jones Baptized & Receivd


    Do Do

    Eliza Susty Baptizd & Rec’d


    Jany 1

    Isaac James Baptized & Receivd


    " "

    John Price H___ Baptized & Receivd


    March 3rd

    Francis James, Junr Do Do


    " "

    William James Do Do


    " "

    Joseph James Do Do


    " "

    Emma Rees Do Do


    Sep 8

    George Powell Brynmawr Do Do


    " "

    Chas Berrington Do Do Do


    " "

    John Rees Do Do Do


    " "

    Enoch James (?) NantyGlo Do Do


    Oct 27

    Jane Ann Jones Brynmawr


    " "

    Miriam Price Do Do Do


    " "

    Eliza Morris Do Do Do


    " "

    Eliza Lewis Do Do Do


    " "

    Wm Jones Do Do Do


    " "

    [illegible scrawl] Do Do Do


    " "

    Henry Sims (?)Do Do Do


    " "

    Horace __ [illegible scrawl] Do Do

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