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The Last Will & Testament

of Conrad Kresge, Sr.

Recorded at the Courthouse in Easton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, 4 June 1805,
number 2303, page 208


Because his will was entered into probate at the county courthouse in Easton on 4 June 1805, it has always been assumed that Conrad Kresge, Sr. died in the spring of 1805. The will, written in German and presented below, was written two years earlier in 1803 and is signed by Conrad in what appears to be a weak hand. In his will Conrad sets aside certain provisions for his wife and divides his remaining estate between his wife and his children. During his lifetime Conrad had managed to acquire considerable tracts of land in Chestnuthill Township near the village of Effort, and, relative to the times, when he died he left a valuable estate. To this day we do not know his final resting place, although most researchers feel that he was likely interred at the new cemeteries at Gilbert or Effort. There is no stone that marks his final resting place today.

Conrad’s widow Anna Margaret survived her husband by some twenty years, and is generally credited with being the first to preserve the history of the Kresge family, as much of the data on early family members was taken directly from her bible. When she died in 1825 at the age of 90, she was survived by a total of 83 and 75 great grandchildren.

Below you will find a translation of Conrad’s will along with a copy of the actual will still on file today at the courthouse in Easton.


Last Will and Testament of Conrad Kresge, Sr.
Recorded at the Northampton County Courthouse, Easton, Pa.
June 4, 1805, No. 2303, page 208.

In the name of the Holy Trinity, Amen. Whereas I, Conrad Krosge, of Chestnut Hill Twp., County of Northampton, have been blessed by Almighty God with a tolerable high age but am now visited by Almighty God with weakness of body and feeling my age, altho by good sense and sound intellect and memory, so commend I myself first of all, my soul into the hands of my Redeemer Jesus Christ and have thought proper in the following manner in the presence of some witnesses to make known my last will as hereinafter follows:-

Firstly, I elect for my executors or guardians to bring my affairs in proper order and to manage, my two sons, William Kresge and Conrad Kresge. Further, I bequeath my plantation, movable goods and all perceptible articles to my two sons, William and Conrad, for the sum of 825 pounds lawful money. Further, it is my will that out of the 825 pounds, 200 pounds shall be paid to my wife Anna Margaret, if she wants it or stands in need thereof. But should she be used well by her two above-mentioned sons so that she not be in need thereof, then the sons shall keep the 200 pounds in hand and not pay, but should it happen that she cannot live with her above-mentioned sons, then, they shall give to their mother yearly the interest of the 200 pounds. But should my wife Margaret marry, then she shall receive 50 pounds out of the above-mentioned 200 pounds but so long as my wife does not marry again the two above-mentioned sons shall give to their mother during her lifetime yearly, 6 bushels of corn, 3 bushels of wheat, 150 lbs. of pork and 8 lbs. peas, 4 lbs. of wool, shoes as many as she stands in need of, keep a cow for her use, household furniture so much as she stands in need of for her use, together with her bed.

Further it is my will that my son Philip shall have the lower part of my plantation which he occupies and shall be as hereafter follows. The upper line shall run between the saw-mill and Philip Houser, a straight line across the creek to a certain Spanish oak sapling in the field of William and Conrad, the other line shall be the lane fence of Philip which goes from his barn to Henry Eberitt and then to Jacob Eberitt. Further it is my will that William and Conrad shall not take the water from the tanner vats so long as my son Philip owns the vats and my son Philip shall pay to the two, William and Conrad, the sum of 50 pounds good lawful money in three payments - the first payment, 15 pounds, one year after my death, the other payment of 15 pounds the second year and the third or last payment of 20 pounds and of the above 50 pounds shall my son William have 35 pounds because he is much older than Conrad and first came to hand, therefore Conrad shall be contented and if Philip will sell, then the two, William and Conrad, Philip shall give a deed poll (?) for so many acres as are included within the above-mentioned lines when it is measured at Philip's own expense.

Further it is my will that my two sons, William and Conrad, pay to my five other children as hereinafter follows:- First, one year after my death the half of the 100 pounds, 100 pounds to my daughter Sara - One year after Sara to my son Jacob, the sum of 125 pounds, the half of 125 pounds is 62.10, to my daughter Catherine one year after Jacob, the half of 100 pounds as stands above - then yet 100 pounds to each daughter. Each of the three sons 125 pounds but only 62.10 pounds at one payment for each son, 50 pounds a payment for each daughter according to their age like above year after year.

Further it is my will that the 200 pounds within mentioned after the death of my wife shall be the property of my two sons, viz. William and Conrad and no claim shall be made against them.

It is further mentioned that should I be restored to health so that I should have use for a horse for riding, that my two sons shall give me one without murmuring. Likewise should mother have use for a horse, they shall also give one to her.

The words between the 2nd and 3rd lines "the half of the 100 pounds" and between the 3rd and 4th lines the words "the half of 120 pounds is 62.10" is underlined before it was signed and sealed.

And to confirm all the within and above bequests have I on the presence of some witnesses attached my seal and signed with my own hand this 26th day of April, A.D. 1803.

Conrad Krosge (seal)

Witnesses present
John Serfass
Philip Schupp
Abraham Schupp




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