Paradise Evangelical Lutheran
Church Cemetery

Paradise Valley, Monroe County, Pa.

Beginning in 1827 the baptism records of the children of John and Elizabeth Boorem begin appearing in the records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Paradise Valley. Again, this is important because it establishes the family in Paradise Valley prior to 1830. The church, the very first in the valley, was founded two years earlier in 1825, and people traveled from miles around to attend. Six of John and Elizabeth's children were baptized at the church, beginning with Eleanor in 1827. The church remained an active, vital part of the community until 1856. Today all that remains of this early church is its overgrown graveyard and a few barely legible stones (some in German) precariously protected by a low stone fence. A cornerstone at the entrance to the cemetery is etched with the date 1825, the year the church was founded.

Directions to the cemetery

The site is located on Red Rock Road, which is accessible via Route 940, Route 191, or the Swiftwater - Bush Road. Park down a gravel road leading to a quarry directly across from Merry Mill Road. Quarry is marked "Private Property - No Trespassing" however you can go around the quarry to the left where you will see a sign on a tree marked "Cemetery Only" with an arrow to the left. Follow the arrow to a wide track going around the left of the quarry. Continue around the back of the quarry until you see two large boulders on the left. The path to the cemetery is beyond the boulders.

Photographs of the cemetery

Below: approaching the cemetery from the quarry. The trail in the middle of the photograph was the original road that once passed by the church.


Below: a low stone wall surrounds the overgrown cemetery.


General view of the dedication stone, historical marker, and surviving tombstones (left).


Below: a recently placed historical marker provides the names some of the families known to be buried at the cemetery.


Below: Most of the surviving grave markers are grouped to the left of the cemetery's entrance.


Below: additional view of the Paradise Evangelical Lutheran Church cemetery.


Cemetery inscriptions recorded by genealogist Dale E. Berger, August 1990.

Name Information on Stone Date of Birth Date of Death Age
William Kaufman   1/12/1817 8/19/1888 71-7-7
Rosanna Kaufman wife of William Kaufman 6/?/1821 10/17/1884 63-4-12
An-M-W fieldstone - no markings      
Susannah children of Wm & Susannah Brodhead   11/14/1829 5-1-10
William Jr.
(same stone as Susannah above)
  7/23/1829 0-1-2
Barbara A. Wagner wife of Joseph Wagner   3/22/1864 66-0-12
Hier Ruhed(?)
Sara Kind
kind efrau von Abraham Kint 4/13/1784   0-6-0
Abraham Kint Geborne Lawalin 4/13/1784 10/3/1826 42-6-21
Sara Kind Hier whet Sara Kint
Dochter von Sara und Abraham Kint
1823   25d
Jacob Klickler   1/29/1820 7/3/1822 2-6-15
Charles Hilgert ? George/Margaret 5/19/1809 10/27/1888 79-5-8
Nancy Hilgert wife of Charles Hilgert, nee Kaufman 10/22/1812 1/31/1892 79-3-9
Margaret Hilgert wife of George Hilgert 10/9/1768 6/7/1855 86-7-28
unmarked (mound next to Margaret may
be the grave of George Hilgert)
Jonathan Koerner     7/6/1860 23-5-24
A x W long fieldstones w/German markings   1861  
unmarked unmarked grave surrounded
by long pieces of fieldstone
Jonathan Kaufman son of Jonathan & Elizabeth Kaufman 7/24/1821 1/26/1852 30-6-2
Elizabeth Kaufman wife of Jonathan Kaufman (Sr) 4/5/1787 10/17/1857 70-6-12
Jonathan Kaufman   8/13/1786 4/17/1860 73-9-4
Hannah Bowman dau of Samuel & Catherine Bowman 4/20/1854 9-1-1855 1-4-11
Lieman Bowman   5/29/1850 8/24/1855 5-2-26
unmarked unmarked field stone      


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