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By Jeffrey L. Thomas

Below: John Boorem (1832-1916)


This genealogy of the Boorem family lists the known descendants of John Boorem, (1771-1810), and his wife Catherine Fry. Although the family originally settled in Northampton County, Pennsylvania in the late 1790s, the descendants of John Boorem are more closely associated with Paradise Township in neighboring Monroe County, Pennsylvania. The research found here complements a book I wrote back in 1989, titled "A History of the Boorem Family in America, The John Boorem Line," now in its third (2003) edition. The information is presented here using a combination of files, photographs, and scanned images of family documents and vital records. The title page you are currently viewing is divided into several sections which are found below. The first section contains two Boorem family genealogy files, a standard register-style file in PFD format, and an HTML version of the same file that hyperlinks individuals and their descendents. The next three sections provide specific information on the first three generations of Boorem family members, and feature essays, photographs, documents and vital records. Information on later generations can be found in the above-mentioned genealogy files. The next section features the Boorem family in U.S. Census returns from 1800 to 1930, where you'll find my commentary on the family for each census year, as well as links to images of the actual returns. The last section offers Boorem Family source records and other research notes that were featured in the Boorem family genealogy I wrote in 1989. They include church and cemetery records, maps, and notes from the Boorem family reunion.

In a genealogy containing over 1,400 names, errors and typos are a certainty. I therefore encourage anyone who finds an error or omission, or who would like to contribute additional information to this record, to contact me at the address below, preferably by e-mail. (I wonder what John Boorem would have thought of e-mail? :-) This is by no means a "final account" of the descendants of John Boorem, as it is my intention to update this record from time to time.

As the Boorem family enters the 21st century, I hope that "The History of the Boorem Family in America" causes family members to pause and reflect on the lives and accomplishments of their ancestors.


Jeffrey L. Thomas



Prologue: Forward to the 2003 Edition of the Boorem Family Genealogy

Section I: Genealogy of the Boorem Family (PDF file)

Section II: The First Generation: John Boorem I (1771-1810)

Section III: The Second Generation: John Boorem II (1798-1844)

Section IV: The Third Generation: Children of John Boorem & Elizabeth Nauman

  • Joseph Boorem (1819-1893)
  • Eleanor Boorem (b.1821)
  • Jacob Boorem (1823-1901)
  • Sarah Boorem (1825-1880)
  • Mary Boorem (1828-1902)
  • Susan Boorem (1830-1859?)
  • John Boorem (1832-1916)
  • Francis Boorem (1835-1927)
  • Elizabeth Boorem (1838-1882)
  • Samuel Boorem (1842-1913)
  • Lydia Boorem (1845-1935?)
  • Section V: Boorem Family Census Returns, 1800-1930

    Section VI: Boorem Family Source Records and Other Research Notes



    Below: Group photograph of the 1925 Boorem family reunion.



    This project is dedicated to Joseph Hooker Boorem, my great grandfather and the first president of the Boorem Family Reunion, to Henry Getz, the man who held that position for some 35 years prior to his death in 1986, and to Dorothy Boorem Thomas-Kott, my grandmother, and her sister Anne Boorem Dawson. Their love for and knowledge of the Boorem family was the primary inspirational force behind this effort. For that, I am forever in their debt.

    Jeffrey L. Thomas

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