Maurice Boorem


Maurice Boorem was the first child of Francis (Frank) Boorem and his wife Elizabeth Koerner, and was born on the Francis Boorem Farm in Mountainhome. He married Evelyn Clark and they had one daughter, Gladys. Gladys married Ethelbert Yost, a Minster from Collegeville Pennsylvania, a town near Philadelphia. Maurice, like his father, was Justice of the Peace for many years in Paradise Township. He was also a schoolteacher while living near Philadelphia in an area called "Uwchland." Maurice was an officer and later the president of the Boorem family reunion, an organization formed by family members in 1920, and he remained an active member for many years. In the large family reunion photo at the front of this book he can be seen standing in the back with his cousin Hooker Boorem, the first president of the Boorem family reunion.

Gladys was a graduate of Ursinus College. She was a nurse, and later taught nursing to students. Following her husband's death she went to Ghana West Africa as a missionary nurse for two years, where she lived in conditions of poverty with the native people. While in Africa it became her goal to eventually bring a willing villager to the United States and have him train as a doctor so he could return and then help his people. Her plan came to fruition when a young African named Emanuel came to the United States. He stayed with Gladys at her home near Cresco, Pa., and eventually graduated from East Stroudsburg State College. He then attended Howard Medical College in Washington D.C. and became a doctor, however it is not known if he ever returned to Africa. We do know that Emanuel's mother sent him a bride while he was attending Howard University and they had a baby girl. Gladys died in 1978.

Maurice Boorem, his wife Evelyn, and their daughter Gladys and her husband are all buried at the Oakland Cemetery in Mountainhome.


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