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Maud Leslie Boorem was the last child born to John Boorem and his second wife Emma Bond. She was born on her father's farm in Mountainhome on 17 March 1891. The very next year in 1892 John Boorem purchased what was known as the old Cross farm, and this became the new John Boorem farm. Circa 1919 Maud married Harry Norman Pace, a veteran of World War One and a cousin on her father's side of the family (see the Mary Boorem section). The census of 1920 tells us that after their marriage Maud and Harry lived with Harry's father Alfred Pace in Scranton. John Boorem died in 1916 and shortly after appearing in Scranton, Maud and Harry apparently returned to Mountainhome to live on the family farm. They had four children, Harry, Rhoda, Ord, and Frances Celeste, who was named after her mother's sister-in-law Celeste Boorem, wife of Hooker Boorem. Family tradition tells us that all four children were born on the Boorem farm, which means that Maud and Harry did not live Scranton for long after they were married.

After moving back to Mountainhome Harry immediately began to make improvements to the property. An addition was put on the old farmhouse, adding more rooms upstairs, and the first floor was enlarged. The result was that the size of the house was almost doubled. With the additional space, Harry and Maud began taking in boarders and summer vacationers to provide the family with extra income. Maud and Harry usually asked boarders to help out on the farm as a way of paying for room and board, and meals were provided by Maud. Maud's brothers and sisters also spent time with the family during the summer. Between family and boarders, the John Boorem farm was usually a busy place during the summer months!

At first Maud's mother Emma lived with the family, however eventually a small house was built for her across the road from the backside of the farm. Maud and her sister Mabel remained close to their mother, who died in 1943.

The Great Depression of the 1930s was a difficult time for the Pace family. Maud and Harry had mortgaged the farm earlier, and when the mortgage was called during the depression they found themselves unable to come up with the money. The bank was set to foreclose, however at the last moment Maud's brother Ord Boorem stepped in and loaned his sister the money to pay off the mortgage, thus saving the farm. We owe Ord a great debt for this sacrifice.

Although the family retained ownership of the John Boorem farm, they eventually moved to California, where Harry Pace died in 1966. Maud died in 1970 in her 80th year and is buried with her husband in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C.

Of John and Emma's children, Maud spent the most time with her mother and father, and she is included in practically every photograph we have of John Boorem after 1900. Maud helped care for her father in his later years, and through her the John Boorem farm in Mountainhome remains in the family today.

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