The John Boorem Farm

Rattlesnake Creek, Mountainhome, Monroe Co., Pa.

In 1892 John purchased what was known as the "old Cross farm" in Mountainhome, and it was here John would remain until his death. He made many improvements to the property, including erecting a new house, barn and shop. The John Boorem farm had a fine apple orchard as well as cherry, chestnut and walnut trees. Apple cider was a treat looked forward to at Fall harvest time. The Boorem family also raised vegetables and livestock.


Potographs of the John Boorem Farm

Below: The John Boorem farm, Mountainhome, Monroe Co., Pa., June 2003.


Below: looking towards the woods on the far side of the property.


Below: Let it snow! The John Boorem farm house in 19?? Note the good condition of the house.


Below: the old barn as it once looked, today rebuilt.


Below: the Boorem family's old apple press, which was unfortunately stolen in the 1990s.


Below: The 18-acre farm features beautiful woods, trails and a stream.




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