Newspaper Notice
of the 1932
Boorem Family Reunion

Provided by Mrs. Alvesta Gouger


The Boorem family will hold a reunion at Deardenís Den, Paradise Valley, on Sunday, August 13. All descendants of John Boorem are invited to attend.

The Boorem reunion promises to be one of the largest in the vicinity, John Boorem and his wife Elizabeth Nauman having had nine children who in turn married and had large families. Their children were, Joseph, John, Sarah, Mary, Samuel, Susan, Elizabeth, Francis and Lydia. In the marriage of the first sonís children the family was united with the family of Edingers, Van Scotens, and the Edward Bellis family. In Johnís family, one daughter married a Surplus; another married David John; Laura married a Duebly; Mabel married a Price, and Maude married a Pace. Sarah married Joseph Robbins and they are descended by two sons, Joseph and Edward. Mary Boorem married Henry Masters, another daughter married a Hauser, and still another married Floyd Cornell. Carrie married a Gromlich, and Mary Masters married a Keller and John Masters; Samuel was descended by one son, Stewart. Other daughters and sons married into the Polhamus, Dearden, Taylor, Storm, Widdoss, Learn, Heckman, Getz, and Hedden families. Many children were born of these marriages, and all are eligible to attend the reunion.

It is asked that everyone take their lunch to the reunion. An excellent program has been arranged for the day.


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