Boorem Family Reunion Poem

by Halton W. Guest, 1922

Halton W. Guest, husband of Flora Mabel Boorem (Joseph's line), composed and read this poem at the first Boorem family reunion 22 August 1920. Halton Guest served as the president of the Boorem family reunion in 1925.



'Twas down in Paradise Valley
When the birds were all in tune,
Where we gathered for a rally
One Sunday afternoon.

On August the twenty-second
Nineteen twenty was the year,
And the invitations beckoned
To many from far and near.

'Twas the first great Boorem reunion
That had called us there that day,
And we had a fine communion
With friends from far away.

For many there had traveled
From the west and from the east,
And good stories they unraveled
As they joined the welcome feast.

There were uncles, aunts and cousins
With their families by the score,
And among them were dozens
Who had never mer before.

But we soon were all acquainted
And the meeting won success,
'Midst the scenes that nature painted
Which our memories will caress.

Oh there's no such celebrations
That will seem to thrill your heart,
As to gather close relations
Who so long have been apart.

For it's then that sweet reflections
Seem to hover o'er us so,
With the fondest recollections
Of the days of long ago.

Of the happy days of childhood
When our lives were just begun,
As we wandered through the wildwood
And the world seemed full of fun.

Though it was their first reunion
Let us hope it's not the last,
Let there be a stronger union
Than they have had in the past.

May they ever hold these meetings
Honor thus their family tree,
And extend such family greetings
That are filled with ecstasy.

Though it's called the best or worst one
As they meet again this way,
We will not forget the first one
If we live 'til Judgment Day.

Halton W. Guest


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