Addie Boorem




Addie Boorem was the sixth child of Francis and Elizabeth Boorem. She married Jasper Heckman and at first lived at White Oak Run (Crescent Lake), RD Henryville, Pa., where Jasper worked at a local brickyard. They had a total of eight children. The first four were born at Henryville, Paul, Beulah, Clair, and Nina. About 1915 the family moved to Stroudsburg where Jasper worked in car shops in addition to working as a bricklayer, mason, and carpenter. Addie and Jasper's remaining children were born in Stroudsburg, Gerald, Myrtle, John, and Alvesta. Alvesta is the current Secretary-Treasurer of the Boorem family reunion and was responsible for compiling the family's first genealogy book back in the 1960s. Addie and Jasper are buried at Keokee Chapel cemetery in Paradise Valley, along with their son Clair and son-in-law John Motts.



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