The 1841 Census,
Llanelly Parish, Breconshire
Enumeration District 5

Including: part of Brynmawr and other outlying districts.

a transcription by Jeffrey L. Thomas

Below you will find a transcription of the 1841 census of Brynmawr extracted from the actual census records. The returns have been reproduced in order just as they appear on the original books, and I have tried to make the tables easier to read by inserting spaces between each house or dwelling. The pages represent the principal enumeration districts, nos. 6-9, that comprised the town of Brynmawr in 1841, (Crickhowell District, Llanelly Parish, Breconshire), and include approximately 2,600 individuals. Although the majority of Brynmawr falls within the aforementioned four districts, it appears that a small part of the town along with some of its outlying areas were included in District 5. I have therefore included District 5 as a supplement to discticts 6 through 9.

The information found in the returns includes the name, age, sex, and occupation of the individual, the street they lived on, whether they were born in Breconshire or were foreign born (foreign born meaning those individuals born outside Wales or England). Researchers should be aware that ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5 years. In other words, an individual who was 42 years old would be listed as 40, etc. It should also be mentioned that some of Brynmawr's major streets are split between two or more sets of returns, and the easiest way to find a specific surname or street is to search each page using your browser's find function.

Certain names and occupations have proved difficult to decipher, and these entries are accompanied by question marks to indicate uncertainty. Here again the reader should proceed with caution, and, as always, should consult the actual record before making any final determinations. Although most of Brynmawr's major streets are easy to recognize in the census, other, less familiar places are more difficult to identify. As rows of houses were constructed for Brynmawr's growing industrial population, they were given names like "William Prosser's Row," however at times enumerators also used the words "run" or "houses" to describe these places. When in doubt, here I have tended to use "row".

Finally, although I have tried to render a careful translation of this record, it is likely that errors have been made. I would therefore encourage anyone who discovers an error, or who would like to comment on these pages, to contact me at the e-mail address below. Happy hunting!

Jeffrey L. Thomas

1841 Census, Brynmawr (part)
Enumeration District 5
488 Individuals

Description of Enumeration District 5: All that part of the parish of Llanelly which is contained within a line along West side of the Gelly Velar Brook to the boundary on the mountain, thence along the boundary to the Tram road leading to Nant y Glo along the east side of the Tram road to the Turnpike road, thence along the South side of the Turnpike road to the river Clydach, thence along the South side of the Clydach to the Gelly Velar Brook.

Jeff's Note: It should be mentioned that the enumerator of District 5 appears to have been at times inconsistent in his use of the double slash // to indicate where one dwelling ends and another begins. It should also be noted that District 5 consists primarily of place names rather than recognizable streets, and some of these names are quite difficult to read and are likely misspelled in the transcription. Therefore, any corrections or suggestions in this regard would be appreciated.

Page No. Place Name M F Profession or Trade Born Brecon Foreign Born
1 Waunhelygan James James 60   Miner Yes  
    Rachel James   55   Yes  
    Anne James   20   Yes  
1 Waunhelygan Anne Jones   60   Yes  
1 Waunhelygan William Leek 55   Mason Yes  
    Elizabeth Leek   55   Yes  
    Abraham Leek 20   Mason Yes  
    Rebecca Leek   20   Yes  
1 James James Houses Thomas Williams 30   Collier Yes  
    Jane Williams   35   Yes  
    Margaret Williams   15   No  
    Anne Williams   4   No  
    Jane Williams   1   No  
    Henry Thomas 25   Collier Yes  
1 James James Houses Thomas Morgans 25   Haulier Yes  
    Cathrine Morgans   25   Yes  
    Anne Morgans   1   Yes  
    Cathrine Morgans   55   Yes  
    John Thomas 5     Yes  
    Sarah Evans   70   Yes  
    Martha Jones   60   Yes  
1 James James Houses Benjamin Llewelin 30   Collier Yes  
    Leah Llewelin   30   Yes  
    Benjamin Llewelin 15     Yes  
    Thomas Llewelin 10     Yes  
2   Mary Llewelin   5   Yes  
    Elizabeth Llewelin   1   No  
2 Waunhelygan Jane Harris   45 Independent Yes  
    John Harris 15   Collier Yes  
    Elizabeth Harris   13   Yes  
    James Prothroe 30   Collier Yes  
    Anne Prothroe   25   Yes  
    Jane Prothroe   7   No  
    William Prothroe 5     Yes  
    Cicilia Prothroe   2   Yes  
    Anne Jones   40   No  
    Watkin Williams 25   Haulier Yes  
    Mary Williams   20   No  
2 Waunhelygan David Williams 50   Labourer Yes  
    Jane Williams   60   No  
    James Cuttrey(?) 20   Fitter(?) up No  
    Daniel Jones 25   Collier No  
2 Waunhelygan William Thomas 55   Collier Yes  
    Mary Thomas   45   Yes  
    William Thomas 25   Collier Yes  
    Anne Thomas   20   Yes  
    Hannah Thomas   19   Yes  
    Shadrock Thomas 14   Collier Yes  
    David Thomas 12   Haulier Yes  
3   Rachel Thomas   9   Yes  
    Leah Thomas   7   Yes  
    John Thomas 4     Yes  
    Henry Thomas 2     Yes  
    John Evans 20   Collier No  
3 Waunhelygan John Waldin 35   Miner No  
    Hanah Waldin   30   No  
    Richard Burton 20   Miner No  
    Thomas Hope(?) 20   Miner No  
    Thomas Williams 25   Miner Yes  
3 Waunhelygan George Sherman 30   Miner No  
  William Jones' Houses Anne Sherman   25   Yes  
    William Sherman 5     Yes  
    William Jones 25   Miner Yes  
3 Waunhelygan Thomas Morris 20   Grocer Yes  
  William Jones' Houses Elinor Morris   20   Yes  
    Caroline Hughes   14   No  
3 Waunhelygan Thomas Williams 40   Block layer Yes  
  William Jones' Houses Jane Williams   40   Yes  
    Mary Williams   9   No  
    Margaret Williams   6   No  
    William Morgans 15   Miner No  
    Margaret Powell   40   Yes  
3 Waunhelygan Henry Mosley 40   Coal Agent No  
  William Jones' Houses Charlotte Mosley   30   No  
4   Gwenllian Mosley   4   Yes  
    Mary Mosley   2   Yes  
    William Mosley 8 mo     Yes  
    Mary Richard   17   Yes  
4 Waunhelygan Walter Watkins 30   Publican(?) Yes  
    Anne Watkins   25   No  
    Anne Watkins   10   Yes  
    William Watkins 7     Yes  
    Margaret Watkins   5   Yes  
    Watkin Watkins 3     Yes  
4 Waunhelygan Evan Williams 25   Collier Yes  
    Gwen Williams   30   Yes  
    Margaret Williams   6   Yes  
4 Waunhelygan Emanuel Noble 40   Miner No  
    Rachel Noble   45   No  
    Jane Noble   15   No  
    James Noble 12     Yes  
    Anne Noble   4   Yes  
    David Rees 50   Schoolmaster Yes  
4 Waunhelygan James Powell 40   Labourer Yes  
    Mary Powell   45   Yes  
    John Powell 14   Miner Yes  
    Samuel Powell 11   Miner Yes  
    Watkin Ingram 30   Mason Yes  
    Elizabeth Ingram   30   No  
5   Elizabeth Jones 20     Yes  
5 Clydach Jenkin Jones 25   Collier No  
  Glandwr Anne Jones   30   No  
    Rachel Jones   7   Yes  
    David Jones 5     Yes  
    Mary Jones   4   Yes  
    Evan Jones 1     Yes  
    David Jenkins 35   Collier Yes  
5 Waunhelygan Roger Edward 30   Nailer Yes  
    Gwen Edward   30   Yes  
    Catherine Edward   5   Yes  
    Margaret Edward   3   Yes  
    Anne Edward   5 mo   Yes  
5 New Inn William Jeffreys 40   Blacksmith Yes  
    Mary Jeffreys   40   Yes  
    Mary Jeffreys   11 mo   Yes  
    John Jeffreys 30   Miner Yes  
    James Powell 20   I. Blacksmith No  
    Sarah Davies   15 Female Servant Yes  
5 Clydach Bridge Thomas Cole 40   Slate Plastr No  
    Margaret Cole   30   No  
5 Clydach Bridge Thomas Williams 50   Collier Yes  
    Hanah Williams   45   Yes  
    John Williams 15   Collier Yes  
    David Williams 15   Haulier Yes  
6   Joseph Williams 10   Collier Yes  
    Charlote Williams   10   Yes  
    William Williams 7     Yes  
    Evan Williams 4     Yes  
    Thomas Davies 20   Collier Yes  
6 Clydach Bridge James Hurd(?) 25   Dyer No  
    John Hurd 20   Dyer No  
    Anne Hurd   25 Tamborar(?) No  
    Maryann Hurd   25 Lace runner No  
6 Clydach Bridge Thomas Davies 40   Collier Yes  
    Anne Davies   35 House keeper No  
    Mary Davies   10   Yes  
    Thomas Davies 9   Collier Yes  
    John Davies 5     Yes  
    Anne Davies   2   Yes  
6 Clydach Bridge James Trainor 40   Nailer   I
    Margaret Trainor   30 Dress maker   I
    Mary Ann Trainor   11   No  
    Thomas Trainor 9     No  
    John Trainor 8     No  
    Cathrine Trainor   6   No  
    Frances Trainor   4   No  
    Margaret Trainor   2   No  
    John Williams 25   Nailer No  
    Alexander McLaughlin(?) 30   Nailer   S
7 Clydach Bridge George Gilbert 20   Shoemaker No  
    Mary Ann Gilbert   25   No  
    Charles Gilbert 3     No  
    Henry Gilbert 3 mo     Yes  
7 Clydach Bridge Thomas Rees 35   Collier No  
    Hannah Rees   30   No  
    Anne Rees   7   No  
    John Rees 6     No  
7 Brynmawr James Walker 35   L? Yes  
  Jones' Houses Elizabeth Walker   35   No  
    Elizabeth Walker   3   No  
    Hannah Walker   1   Yes  
7 Jones' Houses Elenor Parfet(?)   70   Yes  
    James Parfet(?) 30   Miner Yes  
7 Clydach Bridge James Morgan 30   Miner No  
    Mary Morgan   25   Yes  
    John Morgan 5     Yes  
    Jane Morgan   3   Yes  
    James Morgan 1     Yes  
7 Clydach Bridge William Prosser 35   Haulier No  
    Anne Prosser   35   Yes  
    Margaret Prosser   14   Yes  
    Jane Prosser   10   Yes  
    Sarah Prosser   7   Yes  
    Mary Prosser   4   Yes  
8   John Prosser 3 mo     Yes  
8 Foundry Cottage James Mansell 30   Miner No  
    Mary Mansell   40   No  
    Thomas Baker 35   Miner No  
    Henry Powell 30     No  
8 Foundry Cottage William Arnold 40   Coal filler(?) Yes  
    Anne Arnold   30   Yes  
    William Arnold 13   Haulier Yes  
    Ruth Arnold   12   Yes  
    Sarah Arnold   8   Yes  
    Nahome Arnold   5   Yes  
    Morgan Arnold 2     Yes  
    James Arnold 3 wks     Yes  
8 Lliny n full(?) David Williams 50   Sawyer No  
    Mary Williams   50   No  
    Thomas Williams 20   Collier No  
    Isaac(?) Williams 15   Collier No  
    Evan Thomas 15   Collier Yes  
8 Pontgarn(?) Edward Jones 20   Miner No  
    Elinor Jones   25   Yes  
8 Pontgarn(?) William Prichard 30     Yes  
    Eliza Prichard   25   Yes  
    John Prichard 5     Yes  
    Mary Prichard   3   Yes  
    Thomas Prichard 1     Yes  
9   Charles Jones 10   Miner No  
9 Part(?) Gelly Velar Henry Edmund 67   Collier No  
    Mary Edmund   60   Yes  
    Sarah Edmund   47   No  
    John Jones 30   Miner Yes  
9 Part(?) Gelly Velar Rees Williams(?) 32   Miner Yes  
    Anne Williams   33   Yes  
    Thomas Williams 4     Yes  
    John Powell 14(?)   Miner Yes  
9 Part(?) Gelly Velar John Jones 50   Labourer Yes  
    Jane Jones   40   Yes  
9 Part(?) Gelly Velar Elizabeth Morgan   40 Independent Yes  
    Sarah Morgan   20 Independent Yes  
9 Part(?) Gelly Velar Thomas Williams 40   Cordwainer No  
    Elizabeth Williams   55   Yes  
    Elizabeth Williams   10   Yes  
9 Cwm nant cwm(?) Edward Owens 25   Miner Yes  
    Mary Owens   20   Yes  
    Mary Owens   4   Yes  
    Charlote Owens   10 mo   Yes  
    John Williams 16   Miner Yes  
9 Cwm nant cwm(?) David Owens 30     Yes  
    Margaret Owens   20   Yes  
    Elinor Owens   5 ms   Yes  
9 Cwm nant cwm(?) William Jones 25   Miner Yes  
10   Margaret Jones   25   Yes  
    Jane Jones   4   Yes  
    John Jones 11 ms     Yes  
10 Cwm nant cwm(?) John Williams 20   Miner No  
    Ruth Williams   20   Yes  
    William Williams 2     Yes  
    John Williams 3 mo     Yes  
10 Cwm nant cwm(?) David Price 30   Miner No  
    Jane Price   30   No  
    Richard Price 9     No  
    Pricilia Price   7   No  
    Jane Price   5   Yes  
    Elizabeth Price   2   Yes  
    Robert Price 20   Miner No  
10 Cwm nant cwm(?) William Williams 45   Miner Yes  
    Martha Williams   50   Yes  
    Martha Williams   15   Yes  
    William Williams 12     Yes  
    Mary Williams   10   Yes  
    John Williams 8     Yes  
    Thomas Williams 6     Yes  
10 (unreadable) David Walter 30   Miner No  
  Cwm nant cwm(?) Mary Walter   30   Yes  
    David Walter 5     Yes  
    Evan Walter 1     Yes  
11   Mary Walter   15   Yes  
    Theophilis Walter 15   Miner Yes  
    Mary Sims   60 I(?) No  
    James Sims 25   Miner No  
    Isaac Sims 15   Cordwainer No  
11 Cwm nant cwm(?) John Owens 15   Miner Yes  
    Margaret Owens   60   No  
    John Davies 8     Yes  
    Nabeth Howells 15   Miner No  
11 Cwm nant cwm(?) Thomas Gunter(?) 25   Miner No  
  Sarah omitted Anne Gunter   25   No  
  see last page William Tues(?) ?   Miner No  
11 Cwm nant cwm(?) John Charles 30   Collier No  
    Elizabeth Charles   30   No  
    Thomas Charles 6     No  
    Margaret Charles   3   No  
    Elizabeth Charles   10 mo   No  
11 Cwm nant cwm(?) William Williams 75   Labourer No  
    Margaret Williams   50   Yes  
    William Williams 12     No  
    Sarah Williams   10   Yes  
11 Tyshelig(?) George Price 40   Miner No  
    Anne Price   35   No  
    David Price 5     Yes  
11 Cwm nant cwm(?) Thomas Francis 30   Miner No  
12   Abyah(?) Francis   30   No  
    Nahomi Evans   20   No  
    Thomas Harris 70   Preacher(?) No  
    Rachel Harris   55   No  
    Ruth Harris   13   No  
    John Evans 1     No  
12 Cwm nant cwm(?) James Edmund 25   Mines Yes  
    Mary Edmund   25   Yes  
    Richard Hughes 15   Miner Yes  
12 Cwm nant cwm(?) Thomas Johnson 40   Miner Yes  
    Margaret Johnson   40   Yes  
    Anne Griffiths   18   Yes  
    John Griffiths 15   Miner Yes  
    David Griffiths 13   Miner Yes  
    Tydfil Griffiths   11   Yes  
    Thomas Griffiths 9     Yes  
    Daniel Griffiths 6     Yes  
    Joseph Griffiths 4     Yes  
    Edward Johnson 11   Miner Yes  
    Miles Johnson 10 ms     Yes  
12 Cwm nant cwm(?) Roger Dickins 30   Collier Yes  
    Esther Dickins   30   Yes  
    Job Dickins 10     No  
    William Dickins 10     No  
    Anne Dickins   5   Yes  
13   Emma Dickins   3   Yes  
    Thomas Dickins 18 mo     Yes  
13 Cwm nant cwm(?) Thomas Williams 30   Miner Yes  
    Margaret Williams   25   No  
    Anne Williams   2   Yes  
    William Williams 20   Collier Yes  
13 Cwm nant cwm(?) David Walter 55   Miner Yes  
    Elizabeth Walter   55   No  
    Charles Walter 20   Miner Yes  
    Thomas Walter 20   Miner Yes  
    Elizabeth Walter   12   Yes  
    William Williams 20   Miner No  
13 Cwm nant cwm(?) William Morgan 25   Miner No  
    Elizabeth Morgan   25   No  
    Isaac Morgan 1     Yes  
    William Morgan 55   Miner Yes  
13 Parcel of Aberbenden(?) Llewelin Walter 25   Miner Yes  
    Mary Walter   20   Yes  
    Llewelin Walter 2     Yes  
    John Walter 2 mo     Yes  
13 Parcel of Aberbenden(?) Richard Nicholls 44   Miner No  
    Jane Nicholls   40   No  
    Thomas Nicholls 20     No  
    Mary Nicholls   15   Yes  
    Anne Nicholls   12   Yes  
14   Martha Nicholls   7   Yes  
    Jane Nicholls   5   Yes  
    Hanah Nicholls   3   Yes  
    James Nicholls 2     Yes  
14 Cwm nant cwm(?) Walter James 25   Miner No  
    Mary James   30   No  
    John Davies 30     No  
    Mary Thomas 65     No  
14 Cwm nant cwm(?) James Hughes 25   Miner No  
    John Hughes 1 mo     Yes  
    Jane Hughes   20   No  
    Ruth Francis   25   No  
    David Perkins 25   Miner Yes  
14 Blaneycwm Dinah Davies 30     No  
    David Davies 10 m     Yes  
14 Blaneycwm Evan Jones 55   Miner Yes  
    Anne Jones   40   Yes  
    Lydia Jones   15   Yes  
    Sarah Jones   8   Yes  
    Evan Jones 5     Yes  
    Isaac Jones 10     Yes  
14 Blaneycwm Anne Williams   35   Yes  
    Mary Ann Williams   13   Yes  
    James Williams 10     Yes  
    Isaac Williams 8     Yes  
15   Margaret Williams 4     Yes  
15 Fedw Du John Jenkins 40   Collier No  
    Charlote Jenkins   35   Yes  
    William Jenkins 17   Collier Yes  
David omitted   Margaret Jenkins   13   Yes  
see last page   John Jenkins 11   Collier Yes  
    Thomas Jenkins 8     Yes  
    Richard Jenkins 5     Yes  
    William Thomas 70   Labourer Yes  
15 Fedw Du John Jones 35   Miner No  
    Margaret Jones   35   No  
    John Jones 14   Miner Yes  
    Henry Francis 35   Miner Yes  
15 Fedw Du Libanus(?) Harris 30   Engineer No  
    Elizabeth Harris   30   No  
    Silvenus Harris 6     No  
    Mary Harris   2   No  
15 Fedw Du David Simmon 40     No  
    Mary Simmon   40   No  
    John Simmon 15     No  
    Mary Simmon   13   No  
    Samuel Simmon 1     No  
    Elinor Simmon   8   No  
    Jonah Simmon 5     No  
15 Fedw Du John Roberts 40?   Collier No  
16   Elizabeth Roberts   35   No  
    Thomas Roberts 15   Collier No  
    Richard Roberts 4     No  
    John Roberts 1     Yes  
16 Fedw Du Richard Roberts 35   Collier No  
    Maryann Roberts   40   No  
    Fanny Roberts   4   No  
    David Roberts 2     No  
16 Vedw Ddu(?) David Price 40   Miner No  
    Mary Price   30   No  
    Thomas Price 15   Haulier No  
    Anne Price   13   Yes  
    David Price 11     Yes  
    Walter Price 10     Yes  
    Margaret Price   8   Yes  
    John Price 6     Yes  
    Joseph Price 2     Yes  
    Rebecca Price   2 mo   Yes  
16 Parcel of Aberbenden(?) Thomas Morgan 45   Miner No  
    Sarah Morgan   45   No  
    Daniel Morgan 15   Miner Yes  
    Maria Morgan   12   Yes  
    William Luter(?) 20   Miner Yes  
    Elizabeth Luter   15   No  
    Jonah(?) Francis 20     Yes  
17   George Watkins 20   Miner No  
17 Lodge Thomas Williams 40   Miner Yes  
    Harriet Williams   40   Yes  
    Elizabeth Williams   9   Yes  
    Chilvy(?) Williams   15   Yes  
17 Gellyvelen Evan Jones 25   Marker Yes  
    Elizabeth Jones   25   No  
    Priscilla Jones   1   Yes  
17 Penahos Rees Price 75   Farmer Yes  
    Gwenllian Price   62   Yes  
    Jane Williams   12 Female Servant    
17 Gellyvelen Thomas Morris 34   Carpenter Yes  
    Anne Morris   29   Yes  
    Elizabeth Morris   7   Yes  
    Margaret Morris   3   Yes  
17 Penahos Uriah Williams 35   Miner Yes  
    Elizabeth Williams   45   Yes  
17 Penahos James Williams 42     No  
    John Williams 15   Collier Yes  
    Anne Williams   14   Yes  
    William Williams 11   Collier Yes  
    George Williams 9     Yes  
    James Williams 6     Yes  
17 Twyn Blaenant(?) William Burns 25   Miner No  
  Mountains Elizabeth Burns   25   No  
18   Elizabeth Burns   4   No  
    William Burns 3     No  
    Thomas Burns 1     No  
18 Twyn blaenant(?) Thomas Ragis 40   Miner No  
    Anne Ragis   25   No  
    Anne Ragis   6   Yes  
    Joseph Ragis 12 mo     Yes  
18 Twyn blaenant(?) James Young 50   Miner No  
    Sarah Young   55   No  
    Charlotte Young   20 works in mine No  
    Anne Young   15 works in mine No  
    Jane Young   10   Yes  
    James Davies 60   Miner No  
    James Blechton(?) 25   Miner No  
    Charley Young 20   Miner No  
18 Twyn blaenant(?) Edward Ashford 60   Miner No  
    Esther Ashford   60   No  
    William Grentwood(?) 25   Miner No  
    Esther Grentwood   20   No  
    James Grentwood 2 mo     Yes  
18 Twyn blaenant(?) Samuel Gilbert 35   Miner No  
    Maria Gilbert   25 Miner No  
    John Gilbert 10     No  
    Samuel Gilbert 8     Yes  
    Maria Gilbert   4   Yes  
19   Anne Gilbert   2   Yes  
19 Brynmawr Henry Price 40   Publican Yes  
  Travelers rest Margaret Price   55   Yes  
    William Austin 19   Haulier No  
19 near Travelers rest Charles Rogers 45   Currier No  
    Sarah Rogers   30   No  
    James Rogers 1     Yes  
    Jane Edward   30   No  
    Margaret Beynon   17   No  
    Stephen Kinsy 25     No  
19 C Rogers House Samuel Mees 35   Currier No  
    Elizabeth Mees   40   No  
    Eliza Mees   15   No  
    Maryann Mees   11   No  
    Charles Mees 8     No  
    Margaret Mees   7   Yes  
    Martha Owens 30   Miner No  
    Christopher Ancle(?) 25   Miner No  
    William Jones 20   Miner No  
    Thomas Adlem(?) 20   Miner No  
19 C Rogers House Daniel Lewis 25   Miner No  
    Mary Lewis   30   Yes  
    Lewis Lewis 1     Yes  
19 C Rogers House Miles Miles 65   Farmer No  
    Mary Miles   60   No  
20 Maes y gewnthr Griffith Williams 40   Collier No  
    Charlotte Williams   40   No  
    David Williams 10?   Collier No  
20 Maes y gewnthr Thomas Roberts 35   Labourer Yes  
    Martha Roberts   35   Yes  
20 Road Side John Walters 35   Haulier Yes  
    Rebecca Walters   25   Yes  
    Aaron Burke(?) 10   Haulier Yes  
    John Phillips 10   Haulier No  
    John Williams 10     No  
20 omitted            
  page 11 Sarah Gunter   3   No  
  page 15 David Jenkins 15   Collier Yes  
  page 16 John Lewis 20   Miner Yes  
  page 4 Harriet Noble   2   Yes  

1841 Census of Brynmawr, Introductory Page

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1841 Census of Brynmawr, Enumeration District 5 (Brynmawr, part)

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