Tawney Family Source Records
and Other Research Notes

On this page you will find a collection of Tawney and Lockard family source records I have collected over the years. They include official family documents and papers, photographs and other notations. Many exhibits are linked to an actual copy of the document, and/or photograph.

EXHIBIT A: Frederick Tawney, Oath of Allegiance

On February 5, 1777, the General Assembly of Maryland enacted a law which made it necessary to sign an Oath of Allegiance and Fidelity to the State of Maryland and the cause of Freedom during the Revolutionary War. These oaths were taken before a magistrate of the court. They included every free male 18 years and over, and all persons holding any office of trust or profit in the state. It is in this record where we find the first mention of our ancestor, Frederick Tawney. He is listed with a Michael Tawney, who was likely either Frederick's father or brother.

EXHIBIT B: Frederick Tawney, Tax List

In 1798 our ancestor appears in the tax assessment list for Westminster District, Frederick County. The assessment places Frederick Tawney in District 3, "Pipe Creek and Westminster Hundred," and also tells us the name of the two parcels of land he owned. The first is called "Good Fellowship," and includes a log house and a barn, both in good condition. The second parcel of land is called "Arnold's Remnant," named after the previous owner who is identified as "Archibald Arnold." Here the condition of the log house and barn are described as "poor."

EXHIBIT C: Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Tawney

Elizabeth Tawney died on 31 March 1837 and was buried next to her husband in the Kreider's church just outside Westminster. She made out her will February 27th, which was entered into probate by her executor Jacob Shriver on April 10th. Elizabeth's will was the very first will probated in the newly formed Carroll County (no. 1) and is on file at the courthouse in Westminster. In it she makes extra provisions for her granddaughter Margaret and her son George. Margaret received Elizabeth's bed (a valuable possession in those days), and George received one additional share of his mother's estate. Other than these provisions, her estate is divided equally among her children. Interestingly the will mentions the fact that there was a suit pending against Elizabeth brought by the creditors of her late husband. I do not know the outcome of this suit, however perhaps Frederick Tawney's will, (which would be in Frederick County), could provide the answer.

Click on the links below to view the actual will

Elizabeth Tawney will, page 1
Elizabeth Tawney will, page 2
Elizabeth Tawney will, page 3

EXHIBIT D: Kreider's Lutheran and Reformed Church Cemetery (photos coming soon!)

Frederick Tawney died in 1825 and was buried at the Kreider's Lutheran and Reformed church, located on Krider's Church Road near Westminster. A survey of the cemetery in 1889 mentions his marker, however a recent check of the cemetery failed to turn up said tombstones. Frederick's wife Elizabeth died in 1837 and her inscription was also recorded by the same survey, and her grave marker has apparently also disappeared over the years. Click on the links immediately above for photographs of the marker commemorating the original church and general views of the cemetery. The two entries for Frederick and Elizabeth Tawney appear in the survey as follows:

Frederick d/ 4 Aug 1825 @ 69y

Elizabeth d/ 31 Mar 1837 @ 75y.6m.18d

EXHIBIT E: Tawney and Lockard in the 1877 Atlas of Carroll County

This 1877 atlas of District 4 (Woolery's District) , Carroll County, Maryland, provides us with the exact location of the Tawney and Lockard farms. At the top of the map and just to the left you will see the name of J.T. Taney, (James T. Tawney), and immediately below this is William Lockard, Elizabeth Tawney's father.

EXHIBIT F: County Marriage Register listing for James T. Tawney and Mary E. Lockard

Follow the link above to view a copy of the marriage register for Carroll County showing the marriage of James Tawney and Mary Elizabeth Lockard. The entry for James and Mary is the last one on the page, and indicates that our ancestors were married on 9 Sept 1862. James and Mary's first child, Sarah Rebecca, was born the following year.

EXHIBIT G: Newspaper mention of Andrew Tawney, Democratic Advocate, 3 April 1897

Andrew J. Tawney was the son of James T. Tawney and Elizabeth Lockard. We know very little about his life, however he is mentioned in this interesting article from the April 3rd, 1897 edition of the Democratic Advocate, a local Carroll County newspaper. The brief entry describes an accident that occurred while Andrew was moving to a new residence, and gives us a remarkable insight into this particular day in the life of the Tawney family.

"While Andrew J. Tawney was moving from Tannery to the farm of Robert Hoope, two miles above Westminster, on Monday, an accident occurred to one of the wagons. When near the toll gate, above town, a bolt came out, letting the wagon body fall, and causing the horses to run. Several persons were thrown off by the fall, and Belle Nygren, aged 12 years, had her right arm broken. She was brought to Westminster, and Dr. E. D. Wells set the arm. On the wagon beside Belle Nygren were three of Mr. Tawney's children and Mrs. Nygren, and all were more or less bruised and scratched. Democratic Advocate, April 3, 1897."

EXHIBIT H: Death Certificate and Obituary (below) of James T. Tawney

James Thomas Tawney died on 15 June 1918, and was buried at the Leister's church cemetery, where many members of the Tawney-Little family are interred. According to his death certificate the cause of death was heart failure. He was 77 years old. His obituary appeared in the American Sentinel, a Westminster newspaper, on June 21st, as follows:

"Mr. James Thomas Tawney died at his residence, Manchester Avenue, this city, Saturday, June 15th, aged 77 years, 3 months and 13 days. He is survived by his widow and the following children: Mrs. John Little, Mrs. Etta Harman, Mrs. Milton Little, of this city, and Miss Mae Tawney of Savannah, Ga., and Messrs. Andrew Tawney, James Tawney, Frank Tawney, William Tawney, and John Tawney, and about 35 grandchildren. A short prayer and song service was held at the late residence, Monday, June 17th, at 2 P.M., and further services were held at Leister's Church. Interment was made in Leister's Church Cemetery. The pallbearers were" Messrs. Jacob Long, Isaac Long, Andrew Long, Miles Long, Joshua Murdock and Robert Green."

EXHIBIT I: Death Certificate and Obituary (below) of Mary Lockard Tawney

Mary Lockard Tawney died on 10 July 1926 at the age of 83, the cause of death listed as "cerebral hemorrhage," and her passing would bring to a close the story of our Lockard ancestors. Mary's obituary appeared in the American Sentinel on July 16th, as follows:

"Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Tawney, Manchester Road, this city, died Saturday, July 10, 1926, aged 83 years and five days. She was the daughter of the late William Lockard and is survived by the following children: Mrs. John Little, this city; Mrs. A.B. Freberthauser, Tannery; Andrew Tawney, Monroe; Mrs. William Tawney, Mrs. Martha Little, Harrisburg; Frank Tawney, Avondale; Mrs. Robert Ware, Atlanta, Ga., and John Tawney, Wilmington, Del. She also leaves 34 grandchildren and 37 great grandchildren. Tuesday funeral services were conducted at St John's Catholic Church at 10 o'clock. Burial was made at St John's (Leister's) church cemetery. A short prayer and song service was held at the late residence, Monday, June 17th, at 2 P.M., and further services were held at Leister's Church. Interment was made in Leister's Church Cemetery. The pallbearers were" Messrs. Jacob Long, Isaac Long, Andrew Long, Miles Long, Joshua Murdock and Robert Green."

EXHIBIT J: Death Certificate and Obituary (below) of Sarah Tawney Little (1863_1953)

Sarah Rebecca Tawney was the oldest child of James and Elizabeth Lockard Tawney. She married John T. Little, and for most of her married life lived in Westminster, where she raised a large family. She died 1 Feb 1953 at the age of 90, and was buried with her husband in Leister's Church cemetery. Her obituary appeared in local papers shortly after her death, and reads as follows:

"Mrs. Sarah Rebecca Little, widow of John T. Little, died Sunday morning, February 1, 1953, at the home of her son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rhoten, Church street, Westminster. She was 89, a daughter of the late James and Mary Lockard Tawney. She leaves the following children: Mrs. Harry Groft, Mrs. Charles Turfle, Mrs. Sarah Hoover, James Little, Mrs. Arthur Groft, Mrs. Herbert Rhoten, Mrs. Ivan Seipp and Mrs. Russell Freyman, all of Westminster; 29 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren, a sister, Mrs. W. Villard, St. Simon's Island, Ga., and two brothers, James Tawney, Tannery, and Frank Tawney, Westminster. The Rev. Harold R. Hodgson, pastor of the Westminster Methodist church, conducted funeral services at the Rhoten's residence. Interment was in Leister's cemetery, near Westminster. The pallbearers were: Hayes Brown, Alfred Bond, Harry Pheabus, Karl Byers, Melvin Dinst and Louis Sharkey."

EXHIBIT K: Obituary of John C. Tawney (1887-1941)

John C. Tawney was the youngest child of James and Elizabeth Lockard Tawney. He married Bessie Yingling who gave birth to twelve children, five of which died in infancy. John and Bessie and several of their children are buried in Leister's Church cemetery.

"John C. Tawney, near Westminster, died Saturday at 9 P.M. in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, following a prolonged illness. He was the son of the late James and Elizabeth Lockard Tawney and was aged 54 years. He leaves his wife, who was the former Miss Bessie R. Yingling, and the following children: James T., Tannery; Mrs. Mary L. Chew, Westminster; Mrs. Ettamay Garver, Cranberry; Mrs. Stella R. Blizzard, Carrollton; Robert, Herman and Edward, at home' also the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. John Little, Mrs. Etta Freberthauser, and Frank Tawney, Westminster, Mrs. Milton Little, William and James Tawney, Tannery, and Mrs. A. W. Willard, Atlanta, Ga. Funeral services were held from the late residence along the Bachman's Valley road Tuesday at 2 P.M. The Rev. J. E. MacDonald, pastor of the Salem Lutheran charge, officiated. Burial in St. John's (Leister's) cemetery."

EXHIBIT L: Other Tawney Family Obituaries

Additional obituaries for the descendants of James T. Tawney and Elizabeth Lockard.

EXHIBIT M: Tawney Family Burials, Leister's Church Cemetery

For much of their lives, the Tawney family lived in District 4, Carroll County, and attended what today is known as Leister's Church, formerly known at St. John's. The church and cemetery are located on the Leisters Church Road just off of the Hampstead - Mexico Road (Rt 482), northeast of Westminster. Ten of the eleven known children of James and Elizabeth Tawney are buried here, along with other descendants. The links found immediately below lead to photographs of most of the family grave sites. I have indicated the relationship to James and Elizabeth Tawney by using either (S) for son, (D) for daughter, (GS) for grandson, etc.

General view of the cemetery

Marker of James T. Tawney (1841-1918) and his wife Elizabeth Lockard (1843-1926)
Marker of John Little and his wife Sarah Rebecca Tawney (D) (1863-1953)
Marker of Adam Frebertshauser and his wife Mary Etta Tawney (D) (1865-1948)
Marker of James T. Tawney, Jr. (S) (1869-1953)
Marker of Catherine Tawney (D) (1871-1901)
Marker of David W. Tawney (S) (1872-1943) and his wife Catherine A. Friese
Marker of Milton J. Little and his wife Annie Georgiana Tawney (D) (1876-1941)
Marker of Frank Tawney (S) (1881-1963) and his wife Elizabeth Groft
Marker of Emma Mae Tawney (D) (1885-1967), who married Ware & Villard
Marker of John C. Tawney (S) (1887-1941) and his wife Bessie Yingling
Marker of Wilson M. Tawney (GS) and his wife Ruth Bauerline (son of Frank Tawney)

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