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Westminster, Carroll County, MD

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This genealogy of the Tawney family lists the known descendants of Frederick Tawney (1756-1825) and his wife Elizabeth (1761-1837). The pages that follow tell the story of the Tawney family in Carroll County, MD, and are based on my own research conducted over the past fifteen years (give or take). That research is presented here using a combination of essays, photographs, documents and vital records. The title page you are currently viewing is divided into several sections found below.

The first section contains a family descendants file presented as a standard register-style genealogy in PFD format. The next section provides specific information on the first few generations of Tawney family members, which is followed by a section featuring family census returns from 1790 through 1930. Here you'll find my commentary on the family for each census year, as well as links to images of the actual returns. The next section offers a glimpse at Tawney family source records and research notes I have collected over the years. Here you'll find copies of vital family documents, newspaper clippings, maps, and photographs of family cemeteries. This is followed by a section listing the children of James T. Tawney and Elizabeth Lockard. As the site grows, I hope to add individual essays for all the children of James and Elizabeth. The last section provides information on the Elizabeth's family, the Lockards, near neighbors of the Tawney family in District, Carroll County, MD, near Westminster.

As with virtually every family genealogy, it is likely errors have been made in compiling this particular family history. I therefore encourage anyone who finds an error or omission, or who would like to contribute additional information to this record, to contact me at the e-mail address below. As I receive additional information from family members, this web site and its descendants database will be updated to reflect any newly-received information. At present, most of the later genealogy presented here concentrates on the descendants of Sarah Rebecca Tawney and her brother John C. Tawney (below). It is my hope that other branches of the family will contact me to so that their family information can be added to this record as well.

As the Tawney family enters the 21st century, I hope that the information contained on this web site will cause family members to pause and reflect on the lives and accomplishments of their ancestors.

Jeffrey L. Thomas

Section I

Genealogy of the Tawney Family (PDF file)

This is a genealogy of the known descendants of Frederick and Elizabeth Tawney, presented in standard, register-style descendent format. The file will be updated as new information is received.

Section II

Essay: Frederick Tawney and his Descendants

Essay focusing primarily on Frederick Tawney and his grandson, James T. Tawney.

Section III

Tawney Family Census Returns, 1790-1930

The Tawney family has appeared in every U.S. census return since the first census was taken in 1790. This section features a commentary on each census decade along with images of the actual returns, 1850-1930.

Section IV

Tawney Family Source Records and Other Research Notes

Family records here include maps, colonial records, marriage and death records, obituaries, cemetery listings, and other miscellaneous family records.

Section V

The Children of James Thomas Tawney and Elizabeth Lockard

This section features certain records for the children of James T. Tawney and his wife Mary Elizabeth Lockard, presented here concise table form. Some of these records are repeated in Section IV.

  Essay Descendants Photograph Death Certificate Obituary Cemetery Marker
Sarah Rebecca Tawney (1863-1953)   Descendants Photograph Death Certificate Obituary Leister's Church
Mary Etta Tawney (1865-1948)           Leister's Church
Andrew J. Tawney (1867-?)            
James T. Tawney (1869-1953)         Obituary Leister's Church
Catherine Tawney (1871-1901)           Leister's Church
David W. Tawney (1872-1943)         Obituary Leister's Church
Annie G. Tawney (1876-1941)           Leister's Church
Patrick H. Tawney (1878-1881)            
Frank E. Tawney (1881-1963)           Leister's Church
Emma Mae Tawney (1885-1967)           Leister's Church
John C. Tawney (1887-1941)         Obituary Leister's Church

Section VI

The Lockard Family Section

William Lockard (1812-1882), was the father of Elizabeth Lockard Tawney, wife of James T. Tawney. He was the father of at least nine children, four by his first wife Hannah, and five by his second wife, Sarah Trine (1807-1884). William was the son of John Lockard (1777-1874) and his wife Elizabeth (1788-1843). It was noted in his brief obituary, that John Lockard was a soldier of the War of 1812. For many years the Lockard and Tawney families were near neighbors in Carroll County's 4th District (Woolery's), both having farms near what is today Leister's Church (St. John's). William Lockard and his two wives, and John Lockard and his wife, are all buried in St. John's Cemetery, Westminster, Carroll Co., MD, and both William and John have wills and estates on file at the courthouse in Westminster. Below you will find links to certain documents relating to the Lockard family.

William Lockard in the 1877 Atlas of Carroll County

This 1877 atlas of District 4 (Woolery's District) , Carroll County, Maryland, provides us with the exact location of the Lockard and Tawney farms. At the top of the map and just to the left you will see the name of William Lockard, and immediately above the name of J.T. Taney (James T. Tawney).

1860 Census, District 4 (Woolery's), Carroll Co., MD

Here we see the family of William and Sarah Lockard, including daughter Mary (Elizabeth) who would soon marry neighbor James T. Tawney. Note that William's father John Lockard was living nearby with a woman named Sarah, who may have been an unidentified 2nd wife or other relative.

1880 Census, District 4 (Woolery's), Carroll Co., MD

The 1880 census would be the last for William and Sarah Lockard. Of note in this return is the fact that granddaughter Sarah Rebecca Tawney was living with William and Sarah, probably to help care for her grandparents. Note that Sarah Rebecca's parents and family are also listed on this page.

Last Will and Testament of John Lockard (transcription)

  • Page 1 of the actual will
  • Page 2 of the actual will
  • Last Will and Testament of William Lockard (transcription)

  • Page 1 of the actual will
  • Page 2 of the actual will
  • Page 3 of the actual will
  • General view of St. John's Cemetery
    General view of the Lockard graves at St. John's Cemetery

    William Lockard (1812-1882)
    Sarah Lockard (1807-1884)
    John Lockard (1777-1874)
    Elizabeth Lockard (1788-1843)

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