Staub Family Source Records
and Other Research Notes

On this page you will find a collection of Staub family source records I have collected over the years. They include official family documents and papers, photographs and other notations. Each exhibit is linked to an actual copy of the document, and/or photograph.In help put these exhibits in context, below is a list of the first six generations of my Staub family ancestors.

Generation 1: Adam Staub/Staab (1717-1773)
Generation 2: Jacob Staub (1750-1821)
Generation 3: Adam Staub, Sr. (1785- aft.1860)
Generation 4: Adam Staub, Jr. (1808-1888)
Generation 5: Daniel F. Staub (1833-ca.1908)
Generation 6: Harry Joseph Staub (1870-1937)

In addition to the exhibits mentioned on this page, be sure to check out the essays on my 1st-generation ancestor, Adam Staub, and my 6th-generation ancestor, Harry J. Staub, on these separate pages.

EXHIBIT A: Marriage record of Adam Staab and Catherine Bewerts.

Our immigrant ancestor Adam Staab married Catherine Bewerts on 4 April 1741 in Washington Township, Berks Co., Pa. The record of their marriage is taken from Goshenhoppen Registers, 1741-1819, which indicates that Adam and Catherine were married "in John Utzman's house in Falkner's swamp".

EXHIBIT B: Survey map - Adam Staub tracts.

Survey map made by Archibald McClean, D.S., 1773, showing the location of land purchased by Adam Staub. A dispute over one of these purchases would lead to Adam's death in 1773.

EXHIBIT C: Objection to a survey made for Adam Staub, 5 July 1762.

On July 5, 1762 Adam Staub was issued a warrant for 50a., land in Mount Pleasant Township, York County. His son Philip was the Patentee in 1812, 60a., 134p. In 1766 his neighbor Christian Hare objected to the survey saying that a large portion of the land had be patented to him under a Maryland. The case was apparently settled in Adam's favor, however the incident foreshadowed future difficulties for our ancestor.

EXHIBIT D: Last Will & Testament of Adam Staub.

Last Will & Testament of Adam Staub, written 13 July 1773: Copy of the actual will, along with a translation. (MS Word rtf file).

EXHIBIT E: Estate Inventory of Adam Staub.

Estate Inventory of Adam Staub. First and second page from the estate inventory of Adam Staub, listing our ancestor's household goods at the time of his death.

EXHIBIT F: Last Will & Testament of Catherine Staub.

Last Will & Testament of Catherine, widow of Adam Staub, written 24 Sept 1784: Copy of the actual will (in German), along with an English translation (MS Word rtf file).

EXHIBIT G: Philip Staab's Caveat.

Philip Staab's Caveat against his mother Catheine's will. On October 18, 1784 Philip Staab entered a caveat against the will. On December 3, 1784 register Archibald McClean scheduled a hearing for December 15, 1784. Philip Staab was suggesting that the will was obtained by undue influence, that the wording is not that of his mother, and at the time of making she was not of sound mind or understanding. Apparently the trial in April term 1785 did not take place, and on March 27, 1787, Philip withdrew his objection.

EXHIBIT H: Jacob Staub Estate Administration.

Our next ancestor, Jacob Staub, son of Adam and Catherine Staub, was born in 1750 and died 4 March 1821. He apparently died without a will and, and his estate was administered by his son Adam Staub and his neighbor Sebastian Weaver. The Jacob Staub estate was eventually valued at $1,119.

EXHIBIT I: Grave marker of Jacob Staub.

Jacob Staub (1750-1821), was buried next to his wife Elizabeth in Conewago Chapel Cemetery, Edge Grove, Adams Co., Pa., and his is the oldest surviving Staub family tombstone in the cemetery.

EXHIBIT J: Last will and testament of Adam Staub, Jr.

Adam Staub, Jr. (grandson of Jacob) died 29 Feb 1888, on his farm in Cashtown, Franklin Township, Adams Co., Pa. The will was written three years earlier on 30 January 1885. In it, Adam makes provisions for his wife Sarah (Brombach). He does not name his children, but rather refers to them as his "legal heirs." He appoints his son Ambrose Staub and his son-in-law James Irwin as co-executors of his estate, which was valued at $947.40.

EXHIBIT K: Death Certificate and Obituary of Sallie Eltz Staub.

Sallie Staub died 28 Jan 1913 from childbirth complications following the birth of her son Joseph (who also died shortly thereafter). She had just turned 43 on Christmas Eve the previous month. Her death certificate lists her cause of death as "pneumonia caused by acute nephritis," a kidney problem which in those days frequently killed women following childbirth. Her obituary appeared in the Hanover Herald, 1 Feb 1913.

EXHIBIT L: Death Certificate of Margaret Adams Staub.

Margaret Adams (1841-1913) was the second wife of Adam Staub's son Daniel F. Staub (b.1831), and the mother of Harry J. Staub. She was a direct descendant of Thomas and Magdalen Adams, early settlers of the Conewago Valley. After her husband died, she moved in with her son and daughter-in-law Harry and Sallie Eltz Staub on Church Street in McSherrystown, where she died on 22 May 1913 at 72 years of age. Margaret was buried at Conewago Chapel cemetery.

EXHIBIT M: Harry J. Staub family, circa 1912.

Photograph of the Staub family taken circa 1912, that includes most of Sallie's children, at least one grandchild, and Sallie's mother-in-law, Margaret Adams Staub (right). Harry Staub is not present. The photographer was supposedly son Roy Staub. Unfortunately the family would be shattered by tragic events shortly after this photo was taken.

EXHIBIT N: Death Certificate and Obituary of Harry J. Staub.

Harry Staub died on 17 September 1937 at the Eagles Club in McSherrystown, two weeks short of his 67th birthday. His death certificate tells us that he suffered a "sudden cerebral hemorrhage" that caused immediate blindness. He died a half an hour later at the local hospital, and obituary appeared the next day in the Hanover Evening Sun.

EXHIBIT O: Grave of Harry and Sarah Staub.

Harry Staub was buried next to his wife Sallie Eltz in St. Mary's (BVM) cemetery, McSherrystown, Adams Co., Pa. Son Edwin Daniel Staub completed the family plot in 1954.

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