Shipham Parish, Somerset
Selected Land & Tax Records

Surname: Hares

by Jeffrey L. Thomas

Presented below are a series of land and tax records from the late 18th and early 19th century for the parish of Shipham, Somerset, England, as they relate to the Hares family. Although not as widely utilized as census and church records, parish land and tax records can be a useful resource for those trying to identify a particular family within a particular parish prior to the 1841 census. I have extracted several land and tax records for the Hares family, and linked the entries to images of the actual pages as they appear in the registers. I have also transcribed the names of all individuals appearing in the tax lists of 1766 and 1767. Entries where the translation is questionable are accompanied by a question mark.

We learn from these records that a William Hares owned land in the parish during the years 1766 and 1767. Later entries are more detailed, identifying land owners, their tenants, and, in some cases, the name of the property owned. From this we learn that in the early 1800s a Joseph Hares and his heirs owned a piece of property referred to as "Pile of Cheddercombe," and a George Hares owned a piece of land called "Halletts." Also interesting is the case of Harry Hares. In the year 1814 he is listed as a tenant of Samuel Wait, however by 1817 and for the next few years he is listed as the owner of a house and land referred to by the records as "Urchwood." Then in the mid 1820s he is again shown as living at Urchwood, but once again as a tenant of the "Late Samuel Waite."

Since these names appear repeatedly in parish records for Shipham, at this point it is difficult to affix the entries to a particular Hares family, however it is hoped that further research will answer these questions.

Date Proprietor/owner Tenant Taxed on/Property name Tax (P-S-D) Comments
1766 William Hares     0-1-6  
1767 William Hares     0-1-1&1/2  
1801 James Phippin Jacob Hare   0-4-7  
1802 James Phippin Jacob Hares   0-4-0  
1814 Samuel Wait Harry Hares   0-5-6  
1817 Harry Hares     0-5-6  
1818 Harry Hares himself house and Land 0-5-6  
1818 James Phippin Jacob Hares house ------- 0-5-0  
1823 George Hares Self Hallett 0-2-6  
1823 William Clark Thomas Hares Longrow(?) 0-3-8  
1823 Joseph Hares Self Pile of Cheddercombe 0-4-8  
1823 Samuel Hares Self Part of Cheddercombe 0-0-6  
1825 Late Samuel Waite Harry Hares Urchwood 0-5-6  
1825 Late Joseph Hares John Tutton Pile of Cheddercombe 0-5-2  
1827 George Hares Self Halletts    
1827 Late Joseph Hares John Tutton Pile of Cheddercombe    

Although lands records demonstrate that there was far more wealth in the neighboring parish of Rowberrow, the 1766 survey for Shipham indicates a handful of mostly modest landowners here as well. The survey also demonstrates that 22.00 of the approximately 38.00 collected from the 25 landowners named came from just seven individuals.

1766 Tax List - Parish of Shipham, Somerset, England

A Rate made May the 15 1766 charging four Shillings in (on?) the Pound in Lands
in the Parish of Shipham by John Prickman & Joseph Tripp, Assessors.

Name Tax Rate (P-S-D) Comments
Mr. Westley 5-11-10  
Dean of Chapter 1-19-5  
Mr. Randolph 3-01-11  
Mr. Little 5-01-11  
Mr. Penny 2-13-3  
Mr. James Tutton 2-2-10  
Late John Stock 0-1-2  
James Pitman 2-18-2  
Henry Tripp 0-8-6  
Isaac Tripp 0-8-6  
William Tripp 0-17-2  
Esther Stock 0-12-8  
George Day 1-13-5  
For Hallets 0-10-6  
For Trivets(?) 0-4-0  
Ann Day 0-13-8  
John Athay 0-4-?  
John Prickman 0-4-?  
Mr. Robert Phippen 0-4-7  
Matha John 0-4-0  
Mr. Thomas Taylor 1-13-10  
William Nipper 0-9-0  
For Staffords 0-7-8  
Joseph Tripp for Phillips 0-13-8  
John Branch for part of Tripps 0-7-8 1/2  
For his dwelling house 0-4-0  
Mr. James Phippen 2-17-1 1/2  
John Tripp for Roger Tripp(?) 1-4-0 1/2  
William Hares 0-1-6  
Totals 38-03-11(?)  

1767 Tax List - Parish of Shipham, Somerset, England

A Rate made May the 6, 1767 for Raising 8(?) Shillings in the Pound on Lands
in the Parish of Shipham by James Phippen & John Jacobs, Assessors.

Name Tax Rate (P-S-D) Comments
Mr. Westley 4-3-11 1/2  
Dean of Chapter 1-9-6  
Mr. Randolph 2-6-3(?)  
Mr. Little 3-16-5  
Mr. Penny 4-19-11 1/2  
Mr. James Tutton 1-12-2  
Late John Stock 0-15-1 1/2  
James Pitman 2-3-8  
Henry Tripp 0-6-5  
Isaac Tripp 0-6-5  
William Tripp 0-12-10(?)  
Ester Stock 0-9-6 1/2  
Mr. Day 1-5-0 3/4  
For Hallets 0-7-10(?)  
For Trivets(?) 0-3-0  
Ann Day 0-10-3 1/2  
John Athay 0-3-0  
John Prickman 0-3-0  
Robert Phippen 0-3-2  
Matha John 0-3-0  
Thomas Taylor 0-17-11  
William Nipper 0-6-9 1/2  
For Staffords 0-5-9 1/2  
Joseph Tripp for Phillips 0-10-3 1/2  
John Branch for part of Tripps 0-5-9 1/2  
For his dwelling house 0-3-0  
Mr. Shipping 2-2-10  
John Trips for Roger Trips 0-18-0  
William Hares 0-1-1  
Totals 28-11-7 1/2  

History of Shipham Parish, from The Heart of Mendip, by Francis A. Knight
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