Hares Family Markers,
St Leonardís Church,
Shipham, Somerset, England

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Below: two views of the church and cemetery at St. Leonard's, Shipham.



The Hares family have long been associated with the parish church of St. Leonard in Shipham, Somerset, England. A William Hare of Rowberrow (a neighboring parish) appears in the records of St. Leonard's in 1729, and, although the family is absent from the registers until the 1750s, afterwards they begin appearing regularly in the parish registers. Although there are many family members buried in the modest cemetery at St. Leonard's most of these graves are unmarked. There are, however, several surviving family grave markers to be found in the cemetery, which are the subject of this page. Below you will find photographs and transcriptions of these markers, along with certain other information regarding the lives of the individuals mentioned. I hope you enjoy the presentation, and I welcome all comments, additions or corrections to this record.

Jeffrey L. Thomas



This row of Hares family markers are found to the right of the walkway leading to the church. The row of four markers here include individuals who I believe to be sons of James Hares and his wife Sarah Phippen, namely brothers George and James Hares and their families.
The grave of George, Rebecca, Francis & Caroline Hares. This George Hares may have been the son of James Hares & Sarah Phippen. He married a woman named Rebecca and for many years was the proprietor of the Miners Arms pub in the village, being listed as such on census returns from 1841-1861. The Miners Arms still survives in the village today. George and Rebecca's son Francis married Caroline Smith, and some of their children are mentioned on adjacent markers.
The inscriptions from the George Hares marker read as follows:

In Remembrance of George Hares who died August 22nd 1868, Aged 79 Years
Also of Rebecca His Wife, who died January 25th 1871 Aged 91 Years
Also in Memory of Francis Hares Son of the Above who Died January 26th 1895 Aged 78 Years
Also Caroline His Wife who died July 16th 1896 Aged 84

Grave of Blanche, daughter of Francis & Caroline Hares:

In Loving Memory of Blanche, Daughter of Francis & Caroline Hares
Born March 5th 1849 - Died April 6th 1885.

Grave of Edward Thomas, son of Francis & Caroline Hares:

In Loving Memory of Edward Thomas Hares
Born July 12th 1843 - Died 24 March 1888?

The records of St. Leonard's indicate that Edward Thomas Hares was baptized 6 Aug 1843

Grave of James, Charlotte, John & Mary Jane Hares:

According to parish records, James Hares married Charlotte Roe on 21 Sept 1828, and their son John Roe Hares was baptized on 6 Dec 1829. James may have been George's brother, and the son of James Hares & Sarah Phippen. The inscriptions for the four individuals buried here are as follows:

Sacred to the Memory of James Hares who died April 18th 1863, Aged 59 Years
Also of Charlotte Wife of the Above who died March 23rd 1877, Aged 74 Years
Also of John Roe Hares Son of the Above who Died March 28th 1902, Aged 72 Years
And of Mary Jane His Wife who Died December 24th 1903, Aged 72 Years

General view of the grave of Francis, Sophia, George & Frances Hares. This may be the same Francis Hares who was baptized at the church in 1798, and was the son of George Hares and Rebecca Williams (but not the same George & Rebecca mentioned above). Parish records show that Francis and Sophia had as many as 10 children baptized at the church beginning in the mid 1820s.
The inscription for the Francis Hares plot reads:

In Sacred Memory of Francis Hares of this Parish who Died September 10th 1865 Aged 69 Years
Also Sophia Wife of the Above Who Died Febry 11th 1875, Aged 84 Years
Also George and Frances Son and Daughter of the Above Resting Near This Spot

Grave of Joseph and Lily Annie Hares. Joseph was the son of James Hares and Mary Foord and was baptized 8 Oct 1875. He married Lily Annie Gosling and had two children, Henry Joseph and Laura. The inscription here reads:

In Loving Memory of Joseph Hares Died Jan 26 1938 Aged 62
Also Lily Annie His Wife Fell Asleep Oct 11 1953 Aged 81


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