1841 Census of
Shipham, Somerset, England
Surname: Hares

This page provides a table of all individuals with the surname Hares found in the 1841 census of Shipham, Somerset, England. The name Hares has long been associated with the parish and is frequently found in the parish records of St. Leonard's beginning in the mid 18th century. Shipham was a relatively small parish in 1841 with only 707 inhabitants who were involved in a variety of occupations including farming and lead mining. Of the 707 listed individuals, some 93 were named Hares, for about 13% of the total population of the parish. All of the Hares living in Shipham in 1841 state that they were born in the county, which is another testament to the family's long association with Somerset.

Oddly, there are no street or house names provided by the returns, the only indication of such being the cryptic listing of "Rectory House" on the very first page. Another thing that stands out is that in most instances only the head of the household is shown as having an occupation, while boys and men as old as 15 or even 20 have no occupation listed. Given the times and the nature of the community, I can only conclude that the absence of place names and occupations for men and older boys are likely omissions on the part of the enumerator.

Jeffrey L. Thomas

The Hares Family in the 1841 Census of Shipham,
Somerset, England

Page No. Name Age Profession or Trade Born in County?
2 Rebecca Hares 53 Ind. Yes
2 Joseph Tripp 45 Publican Yes
  Mary Tripp 45   Yes
  Frances Trip 15   Yes
  Samuel Stock 20 Male Servant Yes
  Temperance Hares 13 Female Servant Yes
5 William Hares 40 Miner, Lead Ore Yes
  Sophia Hares 45   Yes
  Joseph Hares 15   Yes
  Phoebe Hares 14   Yes
  Emily Hares 12   Yes
  William Hares 8   Yes
  Sophia Hares 5   Yes
  Jesse Hares 3   Yes
  Aaron Hares 6 mos   Yes
6 Elizabeth Tripp 55 Ind. Yes
  Ann Tripp 40   Yes
  Mary Tripp 25   Yes
  Harriet Hares 8   Yes
7 Rebecca Stowell 70 Ind. Yes
  Samuel Hares 18 Ag Lab Yes
  George Ford 15   Yes
  Elizabeth Hares 6   Yes
8 Samuel Hares 45 Miner, Lead Ore Yes
  Flour Hares 45   Yes
  Paul Hares 15   Yes
  Edwin Hares 14   Yes
  David Hares 12   Yes
8 George Hares 50 Inn Keeper Yes
  Rebecca Hares 55   Yes
  Ann Ford 15   Yes
9 John Hares 40 Shoemaker Yes
  Ann Hares 38   Yes
  Charles Hares 9   Yes
  Ann Hares 7   Yes
  James Hares 5   Yes
  John Hares 3   Yes
9 Samuel Stock 35 Potato Dealer Yes
10 Ann Stock (nee Hares) 38   Yes
  Samuel Stock 15   Yes
  Charles Stock 14   Yes
10 Francis Athay 40 Miner, Lapis Calaminaris Yes
  Jane Athay (nee Hares) 35   Yes
  Eliza Athay 15   Yes
  Frank Athay 11   Yes
  James Athay 8   Yes
  Henry Athay 5   Yes
  Luke Athay 2   Yes
  George Athay 1 month   Yes
12 John Glover 50 Shoemaker Yes
  Mary Glover 30   Yes
  Sarah Glover 15   Yes
  Rebecca Glover 13   Yes
  John Glover 11   Yes
  Eliza Glover 9   Yes
  Lot Glover 7   Yes
  Alfred Glover 5   Yes
  William Glover 2   Yes
  Elizabeth Hares 65   Yes
13 Josiah Hares 40 Miner, Lapis Calaminaris Yes
  Eliza Hares 30   Yes
  Mary Hares 14   Yes
  Maria Hares 8   Yes
  Sarah Hares 5   Yes
  Elizabeth Hares 1   Yes
14 Thomas Hares 72 Ag Lab. Yes
  Frances Hares 75   Yes
  Harriet Hares 25   Yes
  John Hares 7   Yes
  Caroline Hares 3   Yes
14 James Hares 45 Ag Lab. Yes
  Betty Hares 45   Yes
  Thomas Hares 20   Yes
  Amelia Hares 2   Yes
14 James Hares 80 Ag Lab. Yes
  Sarah Hares 70   Yes
18 Samuel Rowe 45 Farmer Yes
  Maria Hares (nee Hares) 50   Yes
21 William Hares 35 Miner, Lapis Calaminaris Yes
  Sarah Hares 35   Yes
  David Hares 14   Yes
  Sarah Hares 11   Yes
  Frank Hares 5   Yes
  Lucinda Hares 2   Yes
  Hannah Hares 4 Mos.   Yes
22 Sarah Hares 50 Ind. Yes
  Sarah Tutton(?) 18   Yes
23 Charles Hares 35 Mason Yes
  Rachel Hares 40   Yes
  Jacob Hares 15   Yes
  Joseph Hares 14   Yes
  Harriet Hares 9   Yes
  William Hares 6   Yes
  Sarah Hares 2   Yes
23 Israel Hares 40 Miner, Lead Ore Yes
  Mary Hares 45   Yes
  Hannah Hares 15   Yes
  Mary Hares 9   Yes
  George Hares 7   Yes
  Elizabeth Hares 3   Yes
  Susannah Hares 1   Yes
24 Joseph Hares 17 Ag Lab. Yes
  Peter Hares 15   Yes
  Betsey Hares 5   Yes
25 Francis Hares 40 Miner, Lead Ore Yes
  Sophia Hares 40   Yes
  Shadrock Hares 20   Yes
  Edward Hares 15   Yes
  George Hares 14   Yes
  Henry Hares 13   Yes
  William Hares 11   Yes
  Thomas Hares 7   Yes
  Simon Hares 5   Yes
  Francis Hares 2    
26 James Hares 35 Ag Lab. Yes
  Charlotte Hares 35   Yes
  John Hares 12   Yes
  Sarah Hares 10   Yes
26 George Hares 35 Miner, Lapis Calaminaris Yes
  George Hares 80 Miner, Lapis Calaminaris Yes
  Hannah Hares 35   Yes
  Daniel Hares 6   Yes
  Abraham Hares 2   Yes
28 Susannah Hares 70 Ind. Yes
  Elizabeth Hares 25   Yes
  Frances Hares 12   Yes
  Mary Hares 7   Yes

History of Shipham Parish, from The Heart of Mendip, by Francis A. Knight
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