Groft Family Source Records
and Other Research Notes

On this page you will find a collection of Groft family source records I have collected over the years. They include official family documents and papers, photographs and other notations. Each exhibit is linked to an actual copy of the document, and/or photograph.

EXHIBIT A: Groft Genealogy, as compiled by Roland Armacost

Roland Armacost was the husband of Treva Groft, daughter of Charles L. Groft and Alice Miller. Roland was interested in genealogy, and during his lifetime he complied a genealogy of the Groft family. I have included here his original tree for the line of Charles L. Groft.

EXHIBIT B: 1877 Atlas of Baltimore County, MD

The atlas provides the location of the "Groff brothers" in the Reisterstown/Owings Mills Section of Baltimore County. Here we find the homes of (Mrs.) John Groft and her son Charles (C.C.), our own Charles R. Groft (1850 & 1860), and Benjamin Groft and his gristmill. Although the mill is long gone, there is still a house and barn on the Benjamin Groff site, which is close to the Baltimore Colts/Baltimore Ravens training complex in Owings Mills.

EXHIBIT C: Charles R. Groft, Death Certificate and Obituary

Charles R. Groft died on September 2, 1911, in Springfield hospital, Carroll County, MD. He was buried the next day in the Westminster cemetery, next to his wife Elizabeth (died 1898), and his daughters Mary Ann (died 1884), and Julia (died 1895). His obituary appeared the following week in the American Sentinel, a Westminster Newspaper.

EXHIBIT D: Obituaries for the children of Charles R. & Elizabeth Groft

Obituaries for the children of Charles and Elizabeth Groft are for their children Mary Ann, Julia, Hester, Oliver, Charles, John and Samuel, and are taken from Westminster newspapers.

EXHIBIT E: Westminster Cemetery, Carroll Co., MD - Charles R. Groft and children

Charles R. Groft, his wife Elizabeth, and their daughters Mary Ann and Julia are all buried in the same plot in the Westminster cemetery. Daughter Hester Stitcher and her husband, and son Joseph Groft and his wife and two children are buried nearby. The grave of son John Groft has never been found. The large plot of son Charles L. Groft and family are found in Exhibit F below.

  • General view of the Charles R. Groft plot (Charles, Elizabeth, Julia, and Mary Ann)
  • Graves of Charles R. Groft(1833-1911) & wife Elizabeth Groft (1824-1898)
  • Grave of Hester Groft Stitcher (1855-1904)
  • Plot and marker of Joseph M. Groft (1864-1944)

  • EXHIBIT F: The home of Charles L. Groft, York-Manchester Road, Westminster.

    Just prior to her marriage to Charles L. Groft, Alice J. Miller purchased her mother Amanda's house located at the corner of York and Webster Streets. Charles, Alice their family lived in this house for many years. Their children were born there, and eventually the family built several other homes next to their parents house. One of these, the brick house located at 30 Manchester Ave., built circa 1895, is mentioned by a book on the architectural history of Westminster. The passage is interesting because it provides something of a history lesson on the fortunes of the eastern part of the city, and is found below.

    30 Manchester Avenue
    Groff-Zile-Dell House

    It seems reasonable to suppose that when Westminster was founded its greatest activity was near this site at the east end of the town. Here Main Street met the roads to Georgetown and York, which doubtless carried the bulk of whatever trade there was. However, the city did not grow here. Instead, it expanded to the west, as trade to Baltimore surpassed the trade to the Potomac. Thus, the land abutting the York Road to the north of this once-busy intersection remained undeveloped, no doubt distressing its speculative-minded owners.

    By the 1880s and 90s those early land owners' hopes for the area were realized to some extent as the land was annexed into the town, subdividing and finally, built on. The houses that were built here along the York Road and Webster Street in Ying lings and Everhart's Additions were generally modest. Perhaps these unassuming houses, exemplified by the one built by the Groff family at what is today 30 Manchester Avenue, reflect the lessened expectations held for the area. Certainly the change in the once-great trade route's name from York Road to Manchester Road implies a certain diminished importance: the road no longer was thought of as leading to a bustling Pennsylvania city but, rather, to a snoozing Carroll County village.

    EXHIBIT G: Obituaries and Death Certificates for Charles L. & Alice Groft

  • Obituary and Death Certificate of Charles L. Groft
  • Obituary and Death Certificate of Alice Miller Groft

  • EXHIBIT H: Westminster Cemetery, Carroll Co., MD - Charles L. Groft and children

    Below are photographs of the graves of Charles L. Groft, his wife Alice J. Miller, and their children buried in the Westminster Cemetery. Charles and Alice are in an seven-grave plot that includes their children Myrtle, Bertha, Arthur, and his wife Blanche Little and their son Francis. Sons Harry and Carl Groft and daughters Nellie Brown and Treva Armacost and their families are also buried in the cemetery.

    Charles L. Groft Plot
  • General view of the Charles L. Groft plot
  • Grave of Charles L. Groft (1859-1939)
  • Grave of Alice Miller Groft (1863-1940)
  • Grave of daughter Myrtle M. Groft (1892-1933)
  • Grave of daughter Bertha E. Groft (1899-1906)
  • Grave of son Arthur S. Groft (1896-1956)
  • Grave of Arthur's wife Blanche Little Groft (1897-1984)
  • Grave of Arthur's son Francis Groft (1920-1929)
    Harry L. Groft Plot
  • General view of the Harry L. Groft plot
  • Grave of Harry L. Groft (1882-1957)
  • Grave of Harry's wife Mary Little Groft (1884-1968)
  • Grave of Harry & Mary's daughter Alice Peltz-Myers (1902-1966)
    Carl C. Groft Plot
  • General view of the Carl C. Groft plot
  • Grave of Carl C. Groft (1894-1953)
  • Grave of Carl's wife Mary Loats Groft (1899-1995)
    Armacost Plot
  • General view of the Armacost plot
  • Grave of Roland Armacost (1900-1992)
  • Grave of Roland's wife Treva Groft Armacost (1903-2001)
  • Grave of Roland & Treva's son John D. Armacost (1919-1935)
    Brown Plot
  • General view of the Brown plot
  • Grave of Joseph A. Brown (1875-1951)
  • Grave of Joseph's wife Nellie Groft Brown (1886-1961)

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