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Boorem Genealogy

by Jeffrey L. Thomas

From the beginning I wanted to make this history of the Boorem family more than a simple listing of the known descendants of John Boorem. Although a standard listing of descendants is an important part of any family history, the addition of source records, photographs, and personal recollections about our ancestors creates a more valuable record for future generations. It is this type of family history that allows us to understand not only when and where our ancestors lived, but also how they lived, and it is my hope that this genealogy provides such a background.

This book represents the combined efforts of many family members over the years, going back to the very first Boorem family reunion held in 1920. The section listing all the known descendants of John Boorem is based on an earlier genealogy complied years ago by Alvesta Gouger. Mrs. Gouger is the current Secretary-Treasurer of the Boorem family reunion, a position she has held for well over four decades. This book would not have been possible without her efforts.

It would be difficult to thank all the people who have provided help for this project, however I would also like to single out Mrs. Beulah Motts of Stroudsburg for providing short stories about her grandfather Francis (Frank) Boorem and his children. The overall enthusiasm and support of those providing information to this history has been nothing short of amazing. Such enthusiasm clearly demonstrates that people really are interested in preserving their familyís history for future generations.

This is the second major revision of the Boorem family history, originally published in 1989. The 1990-93 revision added about 400 names and copies of actual source records. For this revision many new dates have been added and the correct order of birth for the children of certain families has been established using census information now available on the Internet. I have also transferred the original hand-typed book, along with the accompanying records and photographs, to a Windows-based genealogy program and word processor files. In doing so Iíve added many high-quality photographs of our ancestors, which have been scanned into the new document.

The book is divided into several sections mentioned in the table of contents. Immediately following this page you will find an essay on the first, second and third generation John Boorems, covering a time span from 1771 to 1916. I wrote this essay using a combination of my own research, family tradition, and information from a biography on John Boorem (3G) contained in "Commemorative Biographical Record of NE Pennsylvania," J.H. Beers Co., published in 1896.

The next section lists the descendants of John Boorem. The 2003 edition changes the format to a standard register listing. In this format, each generation is listed separately. All children are listed immediately under their parents, and those children who have families are assigned numbers that reference their family in the next generationís section. Each numbered individual is further designated a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., generation family member, with their descent from John Boorem listed in parenthesis immediately following their name (first name only). For Example, Joseph3 Boorem (John2, John1), indicates that Joseph Boorem was a 3rd generation family member, his father was John Boorem and his grandfather was John Boorem, the immigrant. The new format enables the reader to easily work forwards or backwards from any individual listed in the book. An index of names is found at the end of the descendent listing, followed by a page listing the primary source materials used to compile the genealogy.

The next section contains copies of U.S. census returns, listing the Boorem family from 1800 to 1930, accompanied by a commentary for each census decade. This is followed by the appendix and genealogical notes section. Here youíll find additional copies of source records and other family-related documents. The last section of the book features short biographies, family remembrances, and photographs of select ancestors.

In a genealogy containing over 1,400 names, errors and typos are a certainty. I therefore encourage anyone who finds an error or omission, or who would like to contribute additional information to this record, to contact me at the address below, preferably by e-mail. (I wonder what John Boorem would have thought of e-mail? :-) This is by no means a "final account" of the descendants of John Boorem, as it is my intention to update this record from time to time.

As the Boorem family enters the 21st century, I hope that "The History of the Boorem Family in America" causes family members to pause and reflect on the lives and accomplishments of their ancestors.

Jeffrey L. Thomas
March 2003

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