Boorem Family Source Records
Other Research Notes

Below you will find a collection of source records and genealogical notes that were featured in the Boorem family genealogy I wrote in 1989. They include church and cemetery records, maps, and notes from the Boorem family reunion.

EXHIBIT A: Township map of Northampton County Pennsylvania, showing the location of Hecktown in Lower Nazareth Township, where John Boorem the immigrant settled in the 1790s.

EXHIBIT B: Record of John Boorem's burial, 25 April 1810, from the records of the Dryland Church, Hecktown, Northampton Co., Pa., translated by Dr. Wm. J. Hinke, Auburn, NY, 1929.

EXHIBIT C: Administration paper from the estate of John Boorem, on file at the Northampton County Courthouse in Easton, Pa. (file #2711). The papers list john's wife Catherine as executrix of her husband's estate, and the papers also tell us that John Boorem was a "house carpenter."

EXHIBIT D: Boorem family burials at Dryland Cemetery, Hecktown, Lower Nazareth, Northampton Co., Pa.

EXHIBIT E: County and township map of Monroe County Pennsylvania, showing the location of Paradise Township.

EXHIBIT F: Description of Paradise Township Monroe County, from "History of Wayne, Pike and Monroe Counties, Pennsylvania" by Alfred Mathews, R.T. Peck & Co., Philadelphia, 1886. This late 19th century county history book takes a look at Paradise Valley and its first settlers, and was written while a few of those original settlers were still living. It's a valuable text on the township's early history, and mentions specifically John Boorem's children, as well as Michael Nauman and his children.

EXHIBIT G: 1870s map of Paradise Township showing the location of the Boorem & Nauman homesteads.

EXHIBIT H: Paradise Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Paraduse Valley, Monroe Co., Pa; photographs and cemetery inscriptions.

EXHIBIT I: Keokee Chapel Church & Cemetery, Paradise Valley, Monroe Co., Pa. There are over two dozen Boorem family members buried at Keokee Chapel cemetery in Paradise Valley, and members of the family have worshiped here for over 150 years. This page features photos of the church, along with photographs and cemetery inscriptions for all known Boorem family members buried in the cemetery.

EXHIBIT J: John Boorem's Civil War pension certificate. The certificate is part of John Boorem's Civil War pension file found at the National Archives in Washington D.C. The file contains many documents and affidavits that provide a wealth of information about John and his family.

EXHIBIT K: Francis Boorem's Justice of the Peace certificate, dated 1888. Frank Boorem was Justice of the Peace for Paradise Township for 58 years, and was 90 years old when he finally retired from the position in 1926.

EXHIBIT L: Detailed map of Mountainhome and Paradise Valley, showing the approximate locations of the John Boorem farm and the Frank Boorem Farm.

EXHIBIT M: Cemetery inscriptions from Oakland Cemetery, Mountainhome, Monroe Co., Pa. John Boorem, his 2nd wife Emma, and their daughter Mabel Price are buried in the large Boorem family plot close to the front of the cemetery. Note that the dates of birth and death for John and Emma are incorrect. Also buried in this cemetery are Maurice Boorem, his wife Evelyn and their daughter Gladys Yost. Maurice was the son of John's brother Francis Boorem.

EXHIBIT N: Minutes from the first Boorem family reunion 22 August 1920. The reunion took place in Paradise Valley near the old John Boorem homestead. Officers were elected, speeches were made, and a collection was taken. The notes are in the hand of Gladys Boorem Yost, Secretary.

EXHIBIT O: Boorem reunion poem. Halton W. Guest, husband of Flora Mabel Boorem (Joseph's line), composed and read this poem at the first Boorem family reunion 22 August 1920. Halton Guest served as the president of the Boorem family reunion in 1925.

EXHIBIT P: Newspaper notice of the 1932 Boorem family reunion that mentions the children of John and Elizabeth Boorem and many of the aligned families.

EXHIBIT Q: Record of the Boorem family reunions. The Boorem family has been holding its annual reunion since 1920. The two pages here present a history of the reunion for the first 70 years. The date, location, and president of the reunion, is listed for each year the reunion was held.

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