Pigot's 1844 Directory
of South Wales,
Llanelly Parish and Brynmawr

Pigot's directories can be a valuable resource for those interested in learning about the towns and villages of their ancestors. The directories were essentially business listings of the merchants, businessmen, clergy and schools, and usually provided short descriptions and histories of the regions and towns covered. Below you will find the town of Brynmawr and surrounds (Llanelly parish), as it appeared in Pigot's 1844 directory of South Wales, extracted from a copy of the directory found at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth.

The directory mentions the communities of Llanelly, Brynmawr, Nantyglo, Beaufort, Blaina, and Blaenavon, communities that had much in common and were close in proximity to one another, despite crossing parish and county boundaries. If you are researching your ancestors who lived in these communities, you should therefore be aware that a person listed as being born in Aberystruth parish in Monmouthshire (perhaps Nantyglo), may have been living little more than a mile from another person listed as living in Llanelly parish, Breconshire (perhaps Brynmawr). In other words, the common experiences of the people living in these communities crossed parish and county lines, in many instances making those lines irrelevant.

The families of John and Mary Thomas and David and Hannah Davies, spent much of their lives in and around the town of Brynmawr in Breconshire, south Wales. They were there during a time of great economic expansion fueled by the iron and coal industries, an expansion that quickly transformed the once sleepy Ebbw Vale into an industrial powerhouse.

Below: Nineteenth century coal miners from the Ebbw Vale

County of Brecon

LLANELLY is a long straggling village in the parish of its name, hundred of Crickhowell, and county of Brecon, 4 miles from Abergavenny. The extensive iron works carried on here are the support of the place. There is a neat church at some distance from the principal part of the village; the living is the gift of the Duke of Beaufort; there are also several chapels for different religious denominations. In the neighbourhood are some very interesting waterfalls. The population of the parish, in 1841, was 7,366.

BRYN MAWR is a village, in the parish of Llanelly, four miles from the village of that name, and twelve from Merthyr Tydvil. Like Llanelly, it derives its support from the numerous iron works with which is it surrounded. The erection of a church here has been for some time contemplated, to meet the wants of the increasing population, and subscriptions, for that purpose, have been entered into. The Welsh and English Baptists, Independents, and Wesley and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel here. Population returned with the parish.

BEAUFORT is a village, in the parish of Llangattock, in the same hundred and county as the preceding places, about a mile from Bryn Mawr. The Duke of Beaufort is proprietor of the soil, and the place is named after that nobleman. Messrs. Bailey built a church here about two years ago, for the use of the numerous population employed in their works, and the dissenters have several chapels for their worship. The population returned with the parish.

NANT Y GLO, GARNVACH AND BLAINA are in the parish of Aberystruth, hundred of Abergavenny, and county of Monmouth; the first-named is about a mile from Bryn Mawr, and the two latter from a continuous line of houses running from it, and parallel with the extensive iron works. At Nant y Glo is an excellent national school; and there a market is held, on Saturday, for butcher's meat and vegetables, which is, in general, well attended. At Blaina is a neat church, dedicated to St. Peter; the living, a perpetual curacy, is the gift of Lord Abergavenny. There are besides several chapels for Baptists, Independents and Wesleyan Methodists. Population returned with the parish.

BLAENAVON is a village in the parish of Llanover, upper division of the hundred of Abergavenny, county of Monmouth; four miles from Brynmawr, six from Pontypool, and the like distance from Abergavenny. Here are very extensive iron works, the former proprietors of which, Messrs. Hill and Hopkins, built a neat church, which being environed by trees, presents a very pleasing appearance; the living, which is a perpetual curacy, is vested in the hands of the Blaenavon Iron Company. There are places of worship for Independents, and Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists. Mrs. Sarah Hopkins erected and endowed a school here, for the instruction of one hundred boys and the like number of girls, upon the church of England principles. A market is held here on Saturday, in a building erected for the purpose. Population returned with the parish.

POST OFFICE, Bryn Mawr, David Edwards, Post master. Letters from London, Gloucester, Abergavenny, &c. arrive every forenoon at eleven, and are despatched every afternoon at one. Letters from Swansea, Merthyr Tydvil, &c. arrive every afternoon at one, and are despatched every forenoon at eleven. Letters from Newport, Bristol, &c. arrive (by mail gig) every evening at half-past six, and are despatched every morning at half-past six.


Andsel, John, Esq. Llanelly
Bailey, Crawshey, Esq. Nant y Glo
Brewer, Tom Llewellen, Esq. Blaina
Griffiths, Mr. John, Codeavon Cottage
Hughes, Rev. John, Llanelly
Johnson, Richard, Esq. Blaenavon
Jones, Rev. John, Beaufort
Jones, Rev. John, Blaenavon
Michael, Rev. Owen, Blaenavon
Pierce, Mr. Thomas, Llanelly
Powell, Launcelot, Esq. Llanelly
Rees, Rev. Daniel, Blaina
Williams, William, Esq. Aberbadon


CLYDACH School, Llanelly - Benjamin Matthews, master; Ann Matthews, mistress
FREE SCHOOL, Blaenavon - John Caldwell, master; Caroline Lees, mistress
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Llanelly - Thomas Littlehales, master
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Nant y Glo - Michael Wood, master; Susannah Page, mistress
Adams, John, Beaufort
Burnfield, Robert, Bryn Mawr
Howell, John, Bryn Mawr
Jenkins, William, Nant y Glo
Jones, Job, Llanelly
Jones, John, Llanelly
Lloyd, Thomas, Beaufort
Rogers, Robert, Blaenavon
Thomas, James, Blaenavon
Watkins, William, Beaufort
Bevan, Thomas, Nant y Glo
Bevan, William, Bryn Mawr
Bromage, John, Bryn Mawr
Evans, David, Blaenavon
Evans, Edward, Nant y Glo
Evans, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Evans, Thomas M. Bryn Mawr
George, Peter, Nant y Glo
Howells, Edward, Blaenavon
James, Cecelia, Nant y Glo
James, David, Beaufort
James, William, Llanelly
Jones, John, Bryn Mawr
Jones, William, Blackrock
Kerr, Matthew, Blaenavon
Nott, John, Llanelly
Price, John, Bryn Mawr
Prodger, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Sargent, John, Beaufort
Watkins, William, Bryn Mawr
Williams, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Witchell, William, Blaenavon
Williams, Evan Griffith, Bryn Mawr
Williams, John Griffith, Blaenavon
Bethell, William, Bryn Mawr
Bush, George, Bryn Mawr
Bush, John, Bryn Mawr
Huish, John, Bryn Mawr
Jones, Benjamin, Bryn Mawr
Judd, Henry, Beaufort
Lawrence, Samuel, Blaenavon
Morgan, Herbert, Bryn Mawr
Morgan, William, Bryn Mawr
Price, Thomas, Llanelly
Turner, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Davies, Jonathan, Nant y Glo
Jones, William, Bryn Mawr
Deakin, George, Blaenavon
George, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Halme, Charles, Bryn Mawr
Thomas, John, Bryn Mawr
Marked thus * are also Drapers
Andrew, Cecelia, Beaufort
*Beddoe, Joseph, Blaenavon
Cullen, John, Beaufort
Davies, Charles, Blaina
Davies, David, Blaenavon
Davies, David, Beaufort
Davies, David, Bryn Mawr
*Davies, Evan & Timothy, Bryn Mawr
Davies, John, Beaufort
*Davies, Ryce, Nant y Glo
Davies, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Edwards, David, Bryn Mawr
Evans, Charles, Beaufort
Evans, David, Bryn Mawr
*George, William Henry, Blaenavon
Greenland, Thomas, Beaufort
Griffiths, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
James, Joseph, Bryn Mawr
James, Sarah, Bryn Mawr
*James, Walter, Nant y Glo
*Jayne, John, Llanelly
Jeffreys, John, Beaufort
Morgan, John, Bryn Mawr
Morgan, Morgan David, Bryn Mawr
Morris, George, Nant y Glo
Parry, George, Beaufort hill
Price, Thomas, Llanelly
Price, Thomas, Blaina
Price, William, Bryn Mawr
Prosser, Rebecca, Llanelly
Prosser, Rees, Blaenavon
Ridge, John, Beaufort
Short, William, Blaenavon
*Smith, Charles, Blaenavon
Thomas, Abraham, Llanelly
*Thomas, Frances, Bryn Mawr
*Thomas, George, Bryn Mawr
Tiley, Samuel, Beaufort
*Tregerthen, Anthony, Bryn Mawr
Watkins, Hannah, Bryn Mawr
Williams, Isaac, Blackrock
*Williams, John, Blaenavon
Williams, Philip, Beaufort
Beaufort Arms, Beaufort
Beaufort Arms, Watkin Evans, Bryn
Beaufort Arms, Thos. Hall, Llanelly
Bee Hive, Richd. Yarnold, Bryn Mawr
Black Rock, Wm. Watkins, Blackrock
Blaina Inn, Charles Baskett, Blaina
Britannia, Prosser Phillips, Llanelly
Britannia, John Walters, Bryn Mawr
Bush Inn, George Roberts, Nant y Glo
Cambrian, John Huish, Bryn Mawr
Cambrian, Henry Judd, Beaufort
Castle, John Lloyd, Bryn Mawr
Clydach Arms, Charles Moxley, Llanelly
Colliers Arms, Phineas Phillips, Bryn Mawr
Crown, Thomas Price, Blackrock
Crown and Commercial Inn, Isaac Morgan, Blaenavon
Duke, Thomas Thomas, Beaufort
Eagle, David James, Beaufort hill
Fireman's Arms, Thomas Bevan, Bryn Mawr
Forge & Hammer, Thomas Watkins, Llanelly
Globe, David Edmunds, Beaufort
Greyhound, Geo. Davies, Nant y Glo
Greyhound, Mgt. Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Greyhound, Cath. Watkins, Blackrock
Griffin Inn, John Lewis, Bryn Mawr
Grouse & Snipe, Howell Davies, Blaina
Heath Cock, Wm. Prosser, Bryn Mawr
Hector, John Hughes, Nant y Glo
Horse Shoe, Mary Watkin, Llanelly
King's Arms, Jas. Phillips, Blaenavon
King's Head, My. Evans, Bryn Mawr
Lion, Benjamin Broad, Blaina
Mount Pleasant, Edmund James, Bryn Mawr
Prince of Wales, George White, Bryn Mawr
Rhyd-a-blew, Thos., Bevan, Beaufort
Rising Sun, Chs. Burgess, Bryn Mawr
Rising Sun, Thos. Watkins, Beaufort
Rock and Fountain, John Watkins, Llanelly
Rolling Mill, William Edwards, Blaina
Royal George, Jno. Sargent, Beaufort
Royal Oak, William Hiley, Llanelly
Royal Oak, Lewis Lewis, Garnvach
Six Bells, William Evans, Llanelly
Upper Lion, Eleanor Turner, Bryn Mawr
Victoria, Joseph Beddoe, Blaenavon
Victoria, Price Benbow, Beaufort hill
White Lion, Miles Powell, Bryn Mawr
Yew Tree, Griffith Lloyd, Blaina
Retailers of Beer
Brereton, Elizabeth, Bryn Mawr
Bromfield, Sarah, Blaenavon
Brown, Alfred, Blaenavon
Corfield, John, Bryn Mawr
Cottle, Abraham, Beaufort
Davies, Llewelyn, Llanelly
Davies, Rees, Blaenavon
Davies, William, Nant y Glo
Deadmin, Benjamin, Bryn Mawr
Duggan, john, Nant y Glo
Edmund, Charles, Blaenavon
Edwards, James, Blaenavon
Evans, David, Bryn Mawr
Evans, Kezia, Blaina
Gronow, John, Llanelly
Gwynn, Thomas, Llanelly
Harris, David, Blaina
Harris, William, Blaenavon
Howell, Meredith, Bryn Mawr
James, Daniel, Blaina
James, Elias, Nant y Glo
James, James, Blaina
James, Joseph, Bryn Mawr
James, Mary, Blaina
James, William, Blaenavon
Jenkin, William, Bryn Mawr
Jenkins, Jenkin, Nant y Glo
Jones, Daniel, Bryn Mawr
Jones, Margaret, Blaenavon
Jones, Mary, Llanelly
Jones, Thomas, Llanelly
Jones, Thomas, Llanelly
Jones, William, Llanelly
Jones, William, Llanelly
Lewis, James, Beaufort
Lloyd, Joseph, Bryn Mawr
Loyd, David, Llanelly
Loyd, James, Llanelly
Mayberry, Edward, Llanelly
Morgan, David, Llanelly
Morgan, Herbert, Llanelly
Morgan, John, Beaufort
Morgan, Samuel, Llanelly
Morgan, Thomas, Beaufort
Morris, Thomas, Nant y Glo
Oats, James, Bryn Mawr
Parry, James, Llanelly
Phillips, John, Blaenavon
Powell, David, Bryn Mawr
Powell, Jane, Blaenavon
Powell, John, Blaina
Price, David, Llanelly
Price, Margaret, Bryn Mawr
Price, Walter, Beaufort
Prosser, Rees, Llanelly
Rees, Charlotte, Blaenavon
Rees, James, Beaufort
Rees, William, Blaenavon
Reynald, Mary, Llanelly
Rogers, John, Llanelly
Rosser, Thomas, Llanelly
Samuel, Daniel, Nant y Glo
Short, Charles, Blaenavon
Thomas, James, Bryn Mawr
Thomas, Thomas, Nant y Glo
Thomas, William, Bryn Mawr
Tipping, John, Beaufort
Tompkins, George, Nant y Glo
Walters, David, Llanelly
Watkins, John, Beaufort
Watkins, William, Bryn Mawr
Williams, David, Beaufort
Williams, Davis, Bryn Mawr
Williams, James, Bryn Mawr
Williams, John, Bryn Mawr
Williams, John, Bryn Mawr
Williams, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Williams, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Bailey, Jos. & Crawshey, Nant y Glo and Beaufort
Blaenavon Iron and Coal Co., Blaenavon
Clydach Iron Company, Llanelly
Coalbrook Vale Iron Co., Coalbrook Vale
Cwm Celyn and Blaina Iron Co., Blaina
Morgan, John, Bryn Mawr
Prodger, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Underwood, William, Blaenavon
Underwood, William, Bryn Mawr
Davies, David, Beaufort
George, John, Beaufort
Griffiths, Evan, Bryn Mawr
Gronow, John, Llanelly
Jones, Daniel, Llanelly
Jones, David, Beaufort
Jones, Evan, Bryn Mawr
Morgan, Thomas, Llanelly
Griffiths, Elijah, Bryn Mawr
Meal, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Rees, William, Blaenavon
Burfield, William, Blaenavon
Jones, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Meal, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Powell, William, Bryn Mawr
Watkins, William, Llanelly
Prosser, Frederick Colson (and sail, rick & cart cover maker) Llanelly
Probert, William, Llanelly
Watkins, Thomas, Beaufort
Brewer, Alexandr. Glanrhyd Cottage
Faulkner, Robert, Blaina
Pierce, Thomas, Llanelly
Rowlands, Abraham (and surgeon to the Nant y Glo and Beaufort Iron Works,
and to the Aberystwith district of the Abergavenny Union), Nant y Glo
Steel, Richard, Blaenavon
Davies, Evan, Llanelly
Davies, John, Blaenavon
Dendy, Charles, Llanelly
Jones, Thomas, Nant y Glo
Jones, Zakiel, Bryn Mawr
Longfellow, William, Beaufort
Price, Thomas, Beaufort
Rosser, Edward, Bryn Mawr
Thomas, John, Llanelly
Valentine, Rees, Llanelly
Williams, David, Bryn Mawr
Lloyd, Thomas, Bryn Mawr
Thomas, John, Bryn Mawr
Williams, John Griffith, Blaenavon
Mason, -------, Bryn Mawr
Price, David Lloyd, Beaufort
Williams, Evan Griffith, Bryn Mawr
Jones, John, Llanelly
Price, William, Blaenavon
Watkins, John, Bryn Mawr
Edwards, David, registrar of marriages, Bryn Mawr
James, Daniel, registrar of birth and deaths, Blaina
Jones, Margaret, furniture broker, Bryn Mawr
Jones, William, hatter, Bryn Mawr
Jones, Wm. dealer in hay, Bryn Mawr
Lawrence, Samuel, earthenware dealer, Blaenavon
Lloyd, John, iron founder, Bryn Mawr
Lodge, James, leather cutter, Bryn Mawr
McKinley, Bernard, hardware dealer, Bryn Mawr
Phillips, Richard, accountant, Bryn cottage
Pierce, James, agent to the Brecon and Abergavenny Canal, Llanelly
Roderick, Thomas, bookseller, Bryn Mawr
Stephenson, David, printer, Bryn Mawr
Wallace, Thomas, travelling tea dealer, Bryn Mawr
To ABERGAVENNY, the Royal Mail (from Swansea) calls at the Griffin, Bryn
Mawr, every afternoon at one - and Thomas Kershaw's & Watkin Evans' Cars,
every Tuesday morning at ten.
To MERTHYR TYDVIL, Watkin Evans' Car, every Monday and Thursday morning
at eight.
To NEWPORT, Jas. Samuel's Car, from the Mount Pleasant, Bryn Mawr, every
morning (Sunday excepted) at half-past six; goes thro' Nant y Glo & Newbridge.
To SWANSEA, the Royal Mail (from Abergavenny) calls at the Griffin, Bryn Mawr,
every forenoon at eleven; goes through Merthyr Tydvil and Neath.

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