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The pages that follow represent my collective research on different branches of the Thomas family. I have divided my research into the four surnames of my grandparents and their aligned families. The THOMAS and DAVIES family of Brynmawr, Wales and Scranton, Pa., includes the HARES and WILLIAMS families; the BOOREM family of Monroe County, Pa. includes the CHRISTMAN, KRESGE, VAN HORN and STARNER, families; the GROFT family of Westminster, Maryland includes the LITTLE, TAWNEY, MILLER, and LOCKARD families; and the STAUB family of Adams Co. Pa., includes the ADAMS, ELTZ and WEAVER families.

I have also included pages for certain branches of my wife's family, including the COUNCIL family of Chatham and Wake Counties, North Carolina, and the FAULKNER family of Granville and Franklin counties, North Carolina.

I encourage anyone who finds an error or omission, or who would like to contribute additional information to this record, to contact me at the e-mail address below.

Jeffrey L. Thomas

Family Web Pages of Jeffrey L. Thomas

Ancestor chart of Jeffrey L. Thomas
The Thomas Family Web Site
The Hares Family Web Site
The Boorem Family Web Site
The Groft Family Web Site
The Tawney Family Web Site
The Staub Family Web Site

Family Web Pages of Parthene D. Thomas

Ancestor chart of Parthene D. Thomas
The Council Family Web Page: Line of Bobbie Council of Chatham Co., NC
The Faulkner Family Web Page: Line of Joseph Faulkner of Granville Co., NC

Family Genealogy Reports

Thomas Family Genealogy Report
Boorem Family Genealogy Report
Groft Family Genealogy Report
Staub Family Genealogy Report
Christman Family Genealogy Report (Boorem aligned family)
Tawney Family Genealogy Report (Groft aligned family)

Other Aligned Family Essays (with primary family lines in parenthesis)

Hares Family Essay: The line of George Hares (1834-1867) - (Thomas)
Williams Family Essay: The line of William C. Williams (1818-1888) - (Thomas)
Christman Family Essay: The line of William D. Christman (1824-1884) - (Boorem)
The Kresge Family: The line of Conrad Kresge, the Pioneer (ca.1735-1805) - (Boorem)
Starner-Van Horn Family Essay: The line of Mary Van Horn (1819-1909) - (Boorem)
The Hunt for the Van Horn fortune: A Family Folly
Miller Family Essay: The line of John Q. Miller (1790-1874) - (Groft)
Tawney Family Essay: The line of Frederick Tawney - (Groft)


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